New links!

 i promised i would work on the problem some of you are having with the downloading of files and in order to see if the problem is with the file hosting site i've set up an account on a different site which means i have some new links for you to try.

summer word art volume 2

thanks for your patience & good luck with these new links. hopefully all of you will be able to download them now.


Post-travel catch up

i'm back! holidays were nice, visited some amazing places, ate some great food and got a big break from my little old routine. but holidays don't last forever so here i am, back home in regular life again and fortunately feeling rested and much better to tackle the unpacking, the mountain of laundry, the overflowing mailbox full of bills & junk mail, the answering machine blinking with so many messages, errands to run, etc, etc... phew! it is definitely not easy getting back to routine with all of the post-travel catch up i still have to do!

but of course i just had to download my photos (over a 1000 of them!) don't worry...i'm not showing you all of them....here's a slideshow with only a few:

... some layouts i just finished:

credits: all ninascraps designs

... and of course a freebie:

i've miss you all and i am glad to be back! i am for sure looking forward to do some serious scrapping and hopefully have time to create some new word art.

i will be answering e-mails and sending past freebies as unzipped files during the week so please be patient as i slowly get back into my routine.

have an awesome week!!


i'm still away...

hello everyone!
bet you did't think i was going to post while away, right? wrong!! and it's not even monday either!

yes, i am still in the greek islands and while you are reading this, i am probably lying on a glorious beach,  soaking up the sun, enjoying a cold drink with the aqua-blue waters of the mediterranean as seaside companion! ... or maybe just following my husband on one of his extensive & thorough itineraries in order to soak up the atmosphere! lol!

anyway, whatever my day is over there.... i left this new freebie for you while i'm away!

summer word art volume no2

my layout:

frame and brush - ninascraps
summer word art no

and one from my friend sandrine:

i will answer all e-mails as soon as i return and will also send unzipped files of past freebies to those of you who requested them.
enjoy the freebie, have a terrific week and see you soon!


Off across the pond i go...

... and all the way to athens and then the greek islands.  the day of my trip is here, all on the to-do list checked, my bags are packed and i am all ready to go.
i'll try checking my e-mail and this blog on daily basis even though it will depend on how available the internet service is at the different hotels. of course i am taking my ipad ( all my books are there!) and my iphone too.

i did not want to leave without giving you a freebie to play with while i'm away and what more appropriate than a travel/vacation word art kit:

my layout:

and sandrine's:

from the digi-scrapping world - new kit by ninascraps:

some of your latest pages with previous freebies:
thanks for the links to your pages and blogs!

by cathy

by helen

i hope 4shared has resolved all the downloading issues of last week and you have no problems with the zip files this time since i'll be away and will not be able to help you until i come back.
take care, stay safe and enjoy the freebies!