at long last....back to scrapping again!

FOR TODAY... feb. 22, 2010

outside my window... 69℉, soft rain and very cloudy.
i am thinking... this is going to be a wonderful week.
i am thankful for... today.
i am wearing... pj's and crocs.
i am remembering... got to start putting together all documents for tax purposes.
i am going... to go shopping with my mom today.
i am currently reading... "the sweetness at the bottom of the pie" by allan bradley.
i am hoping... to continue working on de-cluttering.
on my mind... do kids have to grow up so fast?
noticing that... no matter how much i think about going for my daily walk, i always feel good & re-energized after i've finished.
pondering these words... Happiness is an inside job. -William Arthur Ward-
from the kitchen... coffee, wheat toasts with raspberry jam.
around the house... a gorgeous orchid arrangement.
one of my favorite things... sushi for lunch.
i'm creating... just finishing the 2 freebies for this post.
a few plans for the rest of the week... time with my mom shopping, having lunch together and some catching up... 
one picture to share...

loving my new imac!!!

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back to digi-scrapping again!

my wonderful husband surprised me with a new 27" imac computer for valentine's day!!! my old imac which i had for 3 years was really sluggish & having serious screen problems- it was a matter of time before it died on me... so it was just the most awesome gift ever!!!!
 i spend a few days using my old laptop with no PSE!!! amazing how it made me realized how much i've come to depend on my computer & how i missed scrapbooking - i was literally going nuts without it!!!  but i guess i had no choice but to let the apple people do the transfer of the information since while i tried to do it myself, i had many problems having some unwanted "behind the scenes" info being moved and i just couldn't figured out how to do it properly  ..... anyway, all is good now.

...and would you believe my hubby also send me a gorgeous arrangement of orchids? i'm a lucky girl! thanks babe. i love you too!!!

i wanted to start creating something right away and i came out with a couple of freebies to celebrate having my new imac at home!!! wheeeeee!!! hope you like them!

and of course i had to do some layouts too:


i'm happy so many of you liked & used the template freebie - i was just amazed to look at the different creative layouts you ladies created with it!! they are always a source for motivation & inspiration - thanks so much!!
i'll be busy with my mom these 2 coming weeks but i'm hoping to find a bit of time to create something new for you by next week.
take care, be safe and have an awesome week!


FOR TODAY... feb. 15, 2010

outside my window... sunny, 66℉ and just a perfect miami "winter" day!
i am thinking... i need my computer to be up & working again.
i am thankful for... my husband's love for me.
I am wearing... pants, sweatshirt and flip-flops.
i am remembering... the snowy days at taos last december.
I am going... to do my grocery shopping today.
i am currently reading... "the broken teaglass" by emily arsenault.
i am hoping... my two guys are safe & having fun skiing together.
on my mind... my niece's birthday this week.
noticing that... my jeans start to fit me like they used to - have lost a few pounds!.  :)
pondering these words... "we can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection"Dalai Lama
from the kitchen... poppy seed bagel and cream cheese.
around the house... a new toaster oven.
one of my favorite things... chewy caramel covered apples.
i am creating: this blog entry from my laptop.
a few plans for the rest of the week... must keep appointment at apple store, buy birthday gift for my niece and get guest room ready for my mom's visit at the end of the week.
one picture to share...
window-taos, new mexico

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now for the news from the digi-scrapping world:

a gorgeous new sue cummings kit in collaboration with sally's angelworks: heart & soul. lovely pinks and beautiful inspiring word art.
and how about these modern but with a hint of whimsical frames by leiko beck designs? paper & glass set 1 comes with 8 different size frames and 3 hangers for you to choose from and they are just gorgeous.
my layout using one of the paper and glass frames:


a couple of the last layouts  i created in my old computer:

here & now

live in the moment

i've been having some computer troubles lately so this is going to be a short post.  i'm working from my old laptop and grabbing the images from my hard disk wirelessly!  hopefully i'll have the new computer up and running by wednesday and i'll tell you all about it then. thanks for stopping by. have an awesome week! 


For today... layouts & a freebie


outside my window... fabulous crisp sunny day - not yet 70° !
i am thinking... need to get a valentine's day present for my hubby.
i am thankful for... quiet time alone.
I am wearing... comfy pants & white t-shirt aka my pj's
i am remembering... a couple of errands to run today.
I am going... to have a hair cut this week.
i am currently reading... same book but hoping to finish it this week!
i am hoping... i can finish some small remodeling projects around the house before summer gets here.
on my mind... a new mac computer.... maybe?
noticing that... i might just have a tiny addiction to coffee!
pondering these words..."become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike. take life as fun - because that's precisely what it is!" -osho-
from the kitchen... the lingering smell of coffee..mmm
around the house... my toaster oven died during the weekend...got to get a new one!
one of my favorite things... going through old pictures.
one picture to share...

old delights

don't you just love old polaroid cameras & photos? i have so many good memories of snapping some photos and waiting for what it seemed a long time for the image to appear inside that white border... sigh.  in a way it is just like digital photography with the instant gratification of seeing your shots right away. living in the moment kind of stuff.
seems that "the impossible project" launched in an effort to save polaroid instant cameras and film is achieving it's purpose & will be launching their own brand b&W film this year. i'm hoping they make some color film too since it is almost impossible to get it now and if found on ebay, the prices of film and shipping charges are exorbitant.


on another note... a few months ago, my doctor told me i needed to wear my glasses full time and not only for reading anymore. i have no idea why was i surprised in the first place -  i should have guessed it was just one more unwanted age-related change. you know.... the ones that start making their appearance as soon as you reach 50... oh well, let's just say i was not thrilled at the idea but had to make the best of the situation & decided that i might as well make them a statement of my personality so i proceeded to order my bifocal progressive & transition glasses (fantastic how that works) and conceded i did need them!  i got my new glasses,have been wearing them for a while now and i'm really very happy with them! i think i truly like the new me in glasses! who new? i've even made a page about it. here it is:

love the new glasses


2 new layouts:



and a free template that i hope you like:

i have lots of things to do  this week - my toaster oven went kaput this weekend so i'm in need of a new one, the plumber is finally going to be here tomorrow to fix my kitchen faucet which has been leaking.... pets have to go to the vet  and i still have to tackle my studio and office to do some de-cluttering too. i'm hoping to find some time during the weekend to work on some more layouts & freebies since my boys (husband & son) will go in an "all-boys" ski weekend get-away to utah. 
hope all of you have a great an productive week. see you soon!


New kits and some freebies too!

wheeeeee! caffeine lovers rejoice! take a look at leiko's brand new kit: "coffee & epicurea" - the perfect blend of elegant, sumptuous colors which will give you the feeling of a rich and aromatic (and flavored) cup of coffee!!
the papers and the whimsical elements are perfect to scrap about your favorite morning (or evening) drink: coffee or tea but versatile enough to be use in all kind of layouts.

get a set of quick pages free when you buy the "coffee & epicurea" kit and as an added bonus get a 20% off the listed price by stopping at leiko's blog little tidbits to pick up your coupon!

here are 2 pages i created exclusively with this awesome kit:



more wonderful new stuff to play with! a fabulous mini-kit part of the 52 inspirations 2010 subscription - week 5 by sue cummings is in her store now.  you can buy this individually as a mini-kit also.

i'm always inspired to create with sue's genuine and heartfelt word art - here's one page:

living life. loving life.

... and from me... a brand new free layered template (.psd file). have fun & enjoy!

my template with a few changes & using leiko's fresh and delightful "hello, good bye"kit:

homemade sunshine

✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼    ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼

i'm an avid admirer of mixed-media art and a frustrated wanna-be crafter (lacking fine motor skills) but i find myself still having an appetite for creating pages which at least resemble the collages, the texture, the expressiveness and the spontaneity of such art. and so... once in a while i venture into unknown territory and my dreams of working with scissors and getting my hands dirty with paint and glue.

 i'll leave you with some of my latest creations which are a feeble attempt at mixed-media art digital style.

a wish


have a great rest of the week everyone and happy scrapping!

✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼    ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼


One more Monday

FOR TODAY...  february 01, 2010

outside my window... a sunless, overcast day.... it's seriously pouring buckets outside right now!
i am thinking... i love spending time by myself.
i am thankful for... help around the house.
I am wearing... light blue jeans, charcoal long sleeve t-shirt with peace sign & silver-gray all stars.
i am remembering... i got to answer some e-mails.
I am going... to stick to my walking routine.
i am currently reading... "the crimson petal and the white"  by michel faber
i am hoping... my boy is always as happy and lucky as i am.
on my mind... i still want to take some photography classes.
noticing that... my little studio makes me happy.
pondering these words... "the primary benefit of practicing art, whether well or badly, is that it enables one's soul to grow" -kurt vonnegut jr.-
from the kitchen... big mug of hot vanilla flavored coffee.
around the house... the kitchen sink needs to be replaced. 
one of my favorite things... walking barefooted around the house.
one picture to share...

time by myself

i'm a fairly sociable person but i do enjoy immensely my time alone. i know some people hate being by themselves and associate the experience with loneliness & boredom even though they are otherwise strongly independent in other aspects of their lives. don't get me wrong, i'm not a loner by any stretch of the imagination - i love spending as much time as i can with my little family and friends but i am not afraid of being alone at times. i actually fancy and look forward to a day to myself every once in a while.
it is just a heavenly pleasure to control my schedule, to be able to do whatever i feel like doing - from watching a favorite movie in my pj's, scrapbooking my heart out or getting a million things done but with no distractions! i rather spend a day alone at the computer, watching tv, listening to music, working in my garden or reading than to be in company of persons who only drain me emotionally and have not a thing in common with my interests or ideas. how about you? do you like spending time by yourself?  i personally think that time alone is healthy for the soul, gives you time for self-discovery, time to decompress and relax, an opportunity to gain new perspectives and a greater appreciation of the time you get to spend with others.

some photos from this week:

in great company


seagulls passing by



from the scrapbooking world:

a pretty in pink kit by sue cumming designs "extraordinary love" - with lots of word art perfect for telling your greatest love story and/or scrapping your favorite valentine's day photos.

here's my page with this kit:

my latest layouts: (images are linked)
go ahead and put on your fearless wings

life is a big canvas

spoiled rotten
 ( Neo wearing his pj's -  in bed & under the covers)


i finally found some time to finish the masks i was working on last week. like last week's freebie, these were also created thinking about valentine's day approaching soon. hope you find them useful - enjoy!

if you used the freebies, don't forget to post a link to your pages here so i can see what you've created and i can leave you some love. have an awesome week everyone!