Word art ideas anyone?


outside my window... still dark outside but a beautiful morning indeed.
i am thankful for... lunch together on saturdays.
i am wearing... true religion jeans, white tee and flat silver sandals.
noticing that... i really miss my daily walks.
i am still reading... "the hypnotist" by j m rose
on my mind... a trip to orlando during the second week of june to visit my sister.
pondering these words... "the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for." - maureen dowd-
around the house... the smell of a "pomme d'ambre" scented candle - a lovely gift from my friend hilda.
from the kitchen... a toasted orange-mango bagel and a big mug of vanilla coffee.
one of my favorite things... a game of scrabble on my ipad.
i'm creating... some new word art.
 a few plans for the rest of the week... one more visit to the dr., school meeting, make orlando hotel  reservations.....
from my lens...

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hope you had a great weekend - i'm still enjoying it myself since we are celebrating memorial day here in the US today and therefore there's no school and i get to have some more relaxing time at home.
 i'm starting to feel a bit better and hopefully i'll be feeling a lot better 2 weeks from now since we have a short trip planned to orlando. it's always nice to have a chance to see my older sister even if it is for a few days. i think the change of scene will do me good too.

i got to make some new word art during the week and got me thinking about a few more i just started working on but was not sure if would be very useful for some of you. how about if you throw me some word art ideas? i would love to know what themes you are interested in and i'll be happy to make some of what most of you want.
anyway.... i hope you like the new freebie and get to use it when creating your layouts!

this week's freebie: bits of life word art

my layouts:

... and how about this next layout for inspiration? gorgeous, eh? 
you can visit sandrine's lovely blog: les scrap folies de timounette for more inspiration and wonderful freebies too. 

other news from the digi-scrapping world:

leiko is back with a brand new and totally beautiful blog: little tidbits with her always stunning & inspiring photography and of course some really cute freebies! 
check this one out:

my page:

thanks for visiting, have a fantastic week and hope to see you here next monday!


FOR TODAY... may 24, 2010

outside my window... beautiful clear sunny skies.
i am thankful for... all things working out in the end.
i am wearing... my pj's.
noticing that... i accomplished very little last week - lots of things still remain on my to-do list.
i am reading... "the hypnotist" by m. j. rose
on my mind... another doctor's visit.
pondering these words... "Let what you love, be what you do" - Rumi-
around the house... all clean and tidy.
from the kitchen... whole wheat toasts with raspberry jam & a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice!
one of my favorite things... getting perfect seats at the movie theater.
i'm creating... nothing at the moment.
 a few plans for the rest of the week... hematologist appointment, take car to service, file bills, grocery shopping...
from my lens...

yellow orchids

dinner at morton's

how many?

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first i want to take a moment to say wow! and thanks to everyone who sent me a happy birthday message via e-mail, facebook, twitter or this blog. as you know i'm not a huge birthday girl, but i was quite overwhelmed by all of the awesome notes from everybody!!!!
 those of you that reached out to me truly made my day - you are all the best!

... and guess what???... i got an ipad for my birthday!!! i'm like a child with a new toy and been playing with it for a few days now. it's basically a giant i-pod touch which i can use as a e-book reader and best of all i can read all the books i already have in my kindle too! 

... on another note... i'm still feeling very sluggish and tired due to the anemia but have tried resting and taking it easy as much as i can. hopefully i'll get the much needed iron iv this week so that i can start feeling like myself again.
saturday was a good day though and took the morning to create some word art and a couple of scrapping pages.
since summer is most definitely around the corner (in this part of the world anyway) and soon we'll start spending more time outdoors, taking lots of pictures and creating our summer layouts, i created some summertime word art to get you started. 

have a wonderful week and enjoy the freebies!


Birthdays, zodiac signs, times of reflection, blessings and freebies!

FOR TODAY... may 17, 2010

outside my window... what is it with rainy mondays lately?
i am thankful for... having the opportunity to learn something new every day.
i am wearing... gray pants, white snoopy t-shirt & flip-flops.
noticing that... watching the birds at the bird-bath brings me joy.
i am reading... "island beneath the sea" by isabel allende
on my mind... the need to start feeling better soon.
               pondering these words... "become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more child-like. take life as fun- because that's precisely what it is!" -osho-
around the house... a new clothing steamer.
from the kitchen... toasted cinnamon bagels with cream cheese & vanilla coffee.
one of my favorite things... movies that make laugh so hard i cry.
i'm creating... one new layout.
a few plans for the rest of the week...  keep my doctors' appointments, lunch with friends on tuesday, plant geraniums and the usual weekly errands.
from my lens.. did i ever mentioned gustavo's hobby is racing? 

dh at homestead miami speedway!

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my 52nd birthday is this tuesday and i'm thinking i should be depressed... but i'm not. in fact it is a natural time to take a moment and reflect on my life. i see so many of my friends struggle terribly with all the changes in our lives like entering menopause, grown children leaving home, failed relationships, accepting our new not-so flat as before tummies, the wrinkles on our faces & those gray hairs that tell the stories of our lives..... 
... as i sit here today and reflect on my life at 52 i am one grateful person.  i feel loved, empowered, lucky, sexy, and happy. life is sweet and wonderful. i am truly thankful for all the magnificent gifts that are given to me daily!
so... here's to me... and all fantastic women over 50!! 

that said.... don't go thinking i like celebrating birthdays, specially mine. i shy away from birthday cakes, birthday songs, birthday parties and all that birthday fuzz. (ok...maybe not birthday cakes! lol) I like quiet & private celebrations. tuesday i'll be happy going out for dinner with my husband and my son or even staying home and watching a tv show together.

i feel blessed and love sharing with others. in order to celebrate i have a couple of new freebies this week.

freebie #1 is a zodiac word art:

i guess, i most always fit the typical "earth sign" description for taurus that you find in books and it still surprises me every time!  and no, i'm not the type to consult astrologers or base my life in horoscopes but i do believe in the influence of the heavenly bodies above and i've never been worry about what everybody else thinks. i'm alway proud of my open-mindedness and have always been curious about the role astrology has played throughout the ages.
 ... and besides i think is only fun too!
a couple of weeks ago i started working on some taurus word art to celebrate this month's birthdays since i know (through your e-mails) that more than a few followers are taureans also! check it out:

taurus girl - 5 different word art

but once i started playing with it, i got carried away and created the same 5  for every sign! it doesn't matter if you believe in astrology or if you just dismiss it as nothing more than superstition.... just have fun with the word art and create something beautiful! have fun!

freebie #2 - home word art

these i created about 4 days ago while trying to keep myself motivated and away from thoughts on doctors and blood work results... the next day i found out i have anemia - my iron levels are terribly low!  let's just say i feel better now just knowing the results and knowing there's a plan of action to take. nothing that a couple of iron iv's can not cure... i hope! i 've been feeling really low lately and i can't wait to start feeling like my cheerful self again.
anyway.... i thought the word art came out pretty good and better yet, it did kept me busy and happy! hope you like it!

and the one layout i managed to create yesterday with the new home word art and a mask from "captured moments" kit:

want to see just a few of the fantastic layouts using my freebies?

check out the following layouts created by some really talented and creative girls. i loved seeing them in the galleries and i though it would be a good idea to share them here! hope you don't mind and thanks for leaving the links so i can see your creations. (for full credits click on the links)

by julie

by helen

by zoe

by lorraine

by linda
by maria
by laurie
by barbara

inspired now? aren't they just wonderful? 
thanks for sharing them with me ladies!
  hope you have a terrific week!!


Mother's Day & more Word Art...

FOR TODAY... may 10, 2010

outside my window... gorgeous sunny day!
i am thankful for... the closeness that social media provides with my extended network of friends.
i am wearing... dark blue jeans, sheer navy top, clear jelly sandals.
noticing that... my eye is starting to get better.
i am reading... "making and breaking the grid" by t. samara
on my mind... greece... looking forward to our summer trip.
               pondering these words... "all the buddhas of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact: be - don't try to become. within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance"-osho-
around the house... a gorgeous flower arrangement from my boys.
from the kitchen... plain greek yogurt with honey.
one of my favorite things... opening the fridge and having more than one beverage choice.
i'm creating... some more word art...
a few plans for the rest of the week... buy may birthday presents for family members, pay bills, grocery shopping, another doctor's visit.....
from my lens... 

hydrangeas and orchids from my boys - 
love you guys!
steak & veggies on the bbq.

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i had so much fun creating the last set of word art that i've decided to keep on doing some more.  i'm really enjoying creating it and find myself, little by little, more comfortable adding little elements and different ideas. hope you like it and have fun looking for the perfect photos to go with it!

next 2 layouts using splatters on a grid photo masks & special moments word art:

i had an awesome mother's day, hope you had a great one too! here's a small set of pink word art so that you can use on your mother's day layouts!
 ...and no, i did not forget my aussie friends (wink, wink helen) so i've included a "mum" version too! 

can't you tell how much i love ninascraps designs? i just love her simple & modern style and the versatility of her templates. check out the next 4 layouts i created with her products:

it's time for another special offer from sue cummings!  purchase at least one product from her shop and get "everyday project No2" free! includes flowers, labels, word art and 2 quick pages!

my page with everyday project no2:

i'm happy to report my eye is not hurting as much and hopefully will keep on getting better. the doctor told me i just have to be patient and stay on the medication for another 2 or 3 weeks! 
i'm glad i still managed to do some scrapping this past week even though i did not spend half the time i usually do at the computer.
don't forget to leave me a link to your galleries and again many, many thanks for all of your wonderful comments and e-mails!

have a wonderful week!


Feeling artsy

FOR TODAY... may 03, 2010
outside my window... the sun breaking through the clouds.
i am thankful for... moments when i have the clarity of thought to acknowledge that i can't control what happens - only how i react.
I am wearing... faded blue citizens jeans, v-neck light pink tee & pink jelly sandals.
noticing that... only one more month of school until summer vacation.
i am reading... the latest oprah magazine...
on my mind... another visit to the eye doctor.
pondering these words... "look, and always try to find the unity. in unity is religion, in disunity religion is lost. and avoid being against. if you are against, you will become rigid, hard, and the harder you become the more dead you will be." -osho-
from the kitchen... k cereal, fresh blueberries & and fat-free milk.
around the house... lots of spring flowers in my little backyard. 
one of my favorite things... an upgrade to the big seats on a long flight!
i'm creating... more word art.
a few plans for the rest of the week... keep doctor's appointment, pay bills, make this month's  to-do list...
from my lens... 

impossible film
loving the quirky quotes!
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after being away from the computer for a couple of days due to some eye inflammation, i came back  feeling inspired, my mojo was flowing and decided to play with different things as to give my pages a bit more feeling & expression through other techniques. here's the result of a photo montage using 2 photos (see below) and some experimenting with lighting effects & blending modes.

 this first layout is yet another self-portrait. creating them i believe it's an opportunity for self-discovery and a piece of documentation & evidence of who i am at this particular moment in my life.
all elements - my own.

these are the 2 pictures used for the above layout:

this second one of course with my favorite subject: my son. layout also created applying a bit of playing around with layer & lighting effects.

since i'm not big on journaling, quotes often make an appearance on my pages and i'm usually collecting them and saving them for future use. 
wanting to try new things, i went ahead and did some word art designing myself.  hope you like them!

i'm also constantly working on layouts for my "family roots" albums and therefore always looking for some word art and elements to go with my style. a while ago i started creating a few elements and some papers which i realized i can put together into a mini-kit since they are all in b&w and have the same theme. 
so... how about a second freebie today? 

 here's "life in b&w" mini-kit:

... and one layout with it:

          some other pages from this past week:       

do you use text message lingo? you probably do if you use e-mail, im, facebook, twitter, blogs or newsgroup postings. check out my next layout using falstaff folly's freebie word art: chit-chat #1

loving the colors of "52 inspirations" week 17 mini-kit

and how about these ready to scrap templates from ninascraps designs? simply beautiful!

my page with template no21- my spoiled whippet, neo, doing what he does best: sleep!

are you looking for the cutest fonts around? for free?

 my favorite site is  kevin and amanda's free fonts. they have tons of awesome handwritten fonts and amanda also does free (!!) conversion of personal handwriting to fonts.

thanks amanda for letting me use some of your awesome fonts for the word art!

enjoy the freebies, don't forget to leave me a link to your wonderful creations, stay safe and have a fabulous week!!!