New pages and a freebie!

just wanted to share some of my latest pages and a free grungy mask. enjoy!

and here's grungy mask #3


Published in Digital Artist Magazine!!

i was very excited this morning while checking my e-mails to find out that the september issue for DAM was out! ok....i know my layout is not on the cover but almost at the end on the reader gallery section.  i am still thrilled  to see one of my pages in a magazine! i am sure, those of you who have had your pages published in "real paper" magazines always remember the feeling of seeing your work for the very first time staring back from the glossy pages - that must certainly be something cool but i am very happy and delighted to see mine in my 24" mac!!  So, this said, kindly allow me a moment to say Whoooo-hoooo!! My very first page submitted and also my very first published one!

here is the page i created with all pixel canvas products:

click on the image to go DAM

thanks digital artist magazine for choosing my page, the amazing opportunity  and seeing "something" in my art worth of your fabulous publication.

... and some pages from yesterday and today:


Where did my mojo go?

just a quick post today - i was in a slump all monday & yesterday too, struggling to finish a page and not really happy with what i was coming out with. i kept staring at my monitor (a pse blank page) and nothing will come to me *shocked gasps* not even new stuff to play with or new photos would trigger an idea *more shocked gasps* eventually  a realization came to me.. i... ... have... lost... my  mojo!!

there are times when i wish the day had more hours and i could stay up scrapping 'till the wee hours of the morning, hey i even have ideas coming in my dreams sometimes!  i guess these things come and go in waves, they happen from time to time...... it is just a scary thing. 

i decided not to push it & take a break from scrapping, grabbed my new dan brown's book "the lost symbol' and lost myself in its pages. at night i watched some of my tivo recordings which been there for a while and also did some "spring cleaning' in my studio. this morning i was happy to discover that my mojo was back! - my muse was probably only taking a break *giggles* and thank god for that!

here are the pages i created today:


Thinking outside the box?

what does this mean exactly? is it only looking at things from a fresh perspective? being open to new ideas ? or just being an innovator ? i don't think i can really think outside the box - i have a crazy organizational mind and always feel the need to put some structure in my layouts. i hate clutter therefore my pages usually showcase only one photo, very few elements & a neutral color background (usually white). i include little o no journaling ( not because i don't like it but because writing is not my thing) and my pictures are not that great so making them small is good and besides it gives me more breathing room on my 12"x12" canvas.

so, when it comes to scrapping, i tend to follow these "rules" that are probably just part of who i am and define in one way or another, my style. BUT i also like scrapping a silly photo,  just one that goes well with a cute kit i just bought or a page with no photo at all.  so this is probably as far as i go as thinking outside the box. maybe this is why i also love taking on some  challenges and seeing how far i can go without sacrificing my style and what makes me feel good.

i scrap because i like it, i feel good about the pages i create and i know i am telling my family's story and someday they will appreciate what they have. they'll probably enjoy the photos, the stories behind those photos and  i certainly doubt that  they'll mind at all it's on a 12x12 space.

here are some of my new pages and so much for thinking outside the box! lol!

and for my attempt to thinking outside the box: one with no photo *grins*

i also have 2 new freebies that you can download if you like. i've been attempting to create some frames and masks
for my own use but if you think they can help you be creative on your pages, go ahead and grab them.


since i am constantly browsing the shops for brushes and masks, i decided the other day to create some myself and see what happens. seems that i can not get enough. today i did 2 more. if you like them or think you can use them, go ahead and download them in the links below  the photos . enjoy!


my page using the grungy frame horizontally.

and the grungy mask as i used it today on this page:


Some-things new

a few new things to play with this week. nina has 2 new awesome kits: cozy. days. and blanchatre 2 which have inspire me to create some pages with photos of gustavo from '96 and '97. just love giving these "old" photos a new home.


for the next page i used a photo of my very good friend hilda during her summer vacation. i wish i could take credit for the photo but this time it was not me behind the camera but her boyfriend patrik.  let's just say i was more than happy when she shared some photos because it does not happen to often. hoping she likes this page.

there is a challenge at o'scraps for natashanast designs. Nothing even close to my comfort zone but certainly really fun to do.  when challenges like these come around i wish i had more photos of my son from back then so i could have an array of choices. oh well, too late now.
the rules: 
Create a page with an extraction or a mask.
 a magic theme
100% o'scraps

i just love to use masks and brushes so for the past two days  i've been playing around in pse with the idea of making my own.  i've created 2 grungy frames so far and and will work on some masks too.
let me know what you think and if you like them or find that they could be useful to you, you can download them here.
let me know if links are working ok. enjoy!