PhotoMasks freebie!!!

FOR TODAY... april 26, 2010
outside my window... cloudy, windy and probably more showers later today.
i am thankful for... being able to help people.
I am wearing... grey pants, my favorite "twilight" t-shirt... in other words...my pj's.
noticing that... i hardly ever read books in spanish anymore.
i am still reading... "the swan thieves" by elizabeth kostova.
on my mind... the idea of ordering a couple more packages of polaroid film!
pondering these words... "I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it.  I want to have lived the width of it as well."  -Diane Ackerman-
from the kitchen... almond croissants & a big mug of vanilla coffee.
around the house... i can hear the "today show" on tv.
one of my favorite things... a book that keeps me up until 4am because it is super good!
i'm creating... a new layout.
a few plans for the rest of the week... besides all the usual weekly chores.....digi-scrapping with no interruptions & go back to my walking routine.
from my lens... ready to start walking again!

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a few of my latest layouts:

 an old photo (circe late 40's-early 50's) of my dad and his sister. using all ana aspnes products which i guess you should have noticed by now that i really love & could use in every one of my pages!


in this one: my cousin renato spending some time with gustavo and his guitar.

a peek at some other masks and word art i'm working on:

i've always love using photo masks to add an artistic touch to my photos. i love the way they can make a photo look vintage, soft, edgy or anything you want depending on the mask. i love how they make photos blend subtly into the background & the feeling of  a "window" into another world that they provide.
i worked on these 6 masks last week and find that they can fit a varied type of styles.  this is my gift for you this week - hope you enjoy this freebie!

this next layout with one of the above masks...

other news from the digi-scrapping world:

ninascraps designs has a new gorgeous kit at o'scraps - i love the colors and the whimsical elements on this one.

...and my layout with "sweet memories":

sue cummings 52 inspirations guest designer for week 17: danielle young
check the store at o'scraps later today.  here's a preview for you:

thanks for visiting and your kind words!! hope you have a fantastic week!


Be me - Do me!

FOR TODAY... april 19, 2010
outside my window... another gloomy and rainy monday!
i am thankful... that i can afford most of what i want and not only what i need.
I am wearing... true religion jeans, white & blue striped button-down blouse & my white jelly sandals.
noticing that... i've taken very few photos lately.
i am still reading... "the swan thieves" by elizabeth kostova.
on my mind... almost time to start planning our summer trip...
pondering these words... "later never existed" -unknown-
from the kitchen... breakfast for 5.
around the house... 2 occupied guest rooms - my mom and my cousin are staying here for a week.
one of my favorite things... going to a bookstore and spending hours there.
i'm creating... some more grungy masks.
a few plans for the rest of the week... spend time with my cousin renato, get a manicure, let my son drive me everywhere i need to go, laundry, grocery shopping & hopefully go to the movies with judith.
from my iphone...  my 15 year old is driving!

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pausing to consider...

i have been slowly creating products and also trying to find my digi-scrapping designer niche but it has proven not to be an easy task. i know exactly what i like, what kind of layouts i love to make and what elements i like to use most; but despite these facts, it's been easy to get confused and overwhelm by the amount of fantastic creations out there to start doubting myself.  i've tried stepping out of "my box" only to find myself frustrated and in a "it just isn't me" or "something is not right" circumstance. :(

after a couple of wonderful offers, this past week i made a pause to wholeheartedly consider the idea of becoming a designer ( ... the kind running a shop and all), the reasons why creating makes me happy and the  direction i want to take regarding my art. i reminded myself that i have to stop being distracted, stay true to myself, make what i like, keep exploring, trust myself, learn a lot more, have fun & use only my own personal creative universe as my source of inspiration.
i guess, i've concluded that right now, at this particular moment in time, i am comfortable & very happy creating stuff only as means of self-expression, not worrying if it would sell or not. giving them away as freebies simply pleases me & gives me joy.

that said, i'm a lot happier and proud of my last creation - this week's freebie:  "pretentious splatters"
 i originally created 2 of them for my personal use (see my two layouts below) but i had so much fun making them that i decided to make some more. they are probably not "everyone's cup of tea" but they are absolutely & most definitely very "me". :) hope you enjoy them!

one layout using the black & aqua splatter:

one with the brown splatter {not shown in the preview}. word art by sue cummings.

i love these 2 photos of gustavo - so rare to capture him in photographs smiling and laughing! 

... and a little peek at some photo masks i'm working on.

a beautiful new kit by ninascraps designs at o'scraps & don't forget to follow nina on twitter for special offers and discounts!!

and 2 layouts with circle of life kit:

thanks so much for sharing your wonderful layouts with me. i believe i visited all the links you left for me in your comments and e-mails. it is always very gratifying and why not, also indulging, to see my products doing their part in enhancing your pages. 

thanks for stopping by! have a great, great week!


Tweet, tweet!!!!

 a drive- by post to let you know that o'scraps can now be found in twitter!! become a follower and get the latest scoop on events, access to exclusive offers and the new collaborative "tweet tweet" kit for free!!!

 ... and yes, i know i swore never to join another social networking place but how can i not follow all of my friends from the "O"! see my new twitter button to the right? isn't it cute? what are you waiting for.... come and join us!

since i'm already here why not leave you with a sneak peek of my next freebie - take a look:

see you here next week!


A new kit!

FOR TODAY... april 12, 2010

outside my window... dark and raining cats and dogs!
i am thankful for... cyber friends!
I am wearing... my pj's.
noticing that... is way too hot for april.
i am currently reading... "the swan thieves" by elizabeth kostova.
on my mind... my 15 year old is already driving!
pondering these words... "one must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one's capacity" -auguste renoir-
from the kitchen... a big pot of coffee!
around the house... evidence of life and fun during the weekend - lots of things to be done but i'm ok with that.
one of my favorite things... i'm a list maker.  notepads are a must.
i'm creating... slightly better elements for my kits and being patient about the learning process.... 
a few plans for the rest of the week... get some new plants for the backyard, blog-hopping to catch up with what friends are up to & stay on spring cleaning mode... 
from my lens... another picture from my spring break vacation:

full moon at the beach

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phew! i finally finished a kit i've been working on for some time & with so many things i kept pushing it aside but i definitely feel better about it than i did with my first one. the color palette is subdued earth tones which i find can be useful for various themes and truth is i tend to shy away from bright colors a bit so these feel more "me'.

many of you have asked me if i'm planning to become a designer and all i can say now is that creating kits is a whole new layer in the creative process for me - it is still out of my comfort zone and i am taking baby steps towards acquiring more experience in order to offer more solid, reliable & quality products. for the time being, i'm happy digi-scrapping and creating a few freebies here and there for you to enjoy. your comments are always important and serve as a measure and an indicator of how i'm doing and what things are well received and which ones are not. i guess, time will tell.

let me tell you, designing new stuff is fun but it is also time-consuming & hard work. trying it has given me an immense amount of renewed respect for all of those genuinely experienced designers out there who time after time can manage to inspire us with their creativity and offer quality products. hats off to you guys!!

i can't wait to read your opinions & thoughts on this kit. remember to leave me a link to your creations so that i can see how you use it and so that i can leave you some love too!

captured [moments] kit

... 2 of my layouts with the new kit:

..and here are 2 beautiful layouts with the new kit and template #13 by my very talented and dear friend helen who's forever supportive, well-disposed & always there for me. thanks my friend - you make my life in the digi-scrapping world wonderful and inspiring!

from my gallery:

check out the gorgeous "friends" kit -  a collaboration by ninascraps designs & ashalee wall designs - coming this week at o'scraps. 

awesome kit to scrap the photos i have with my girlfriends - having these  girls in my life is the richest of blessings and i wish and hope that i hold on to & cherish these friendships forever. here's to us my friends! looking forward to another girlfriend's getaway in may 2011!

i hope you have an awesome week! 


Back to routine...

FOR TODAY... april 06, 2010
outside my window...  75℉ and lots of clouds around.
i am thankful for... uneventful plane trips.
I am wearing... dark blue lucky jeans, white t-shirt and clear jelly sandals.
noticing that... only 2 months of school left.
i am currently reading... "ill wind" by rachel caine.
i am hoping... i can get back to my healthy eating routine...
on my mind... my older sister's visit this weekend.
pondering these words... "awareness is something that is very important. and you say that it looks impossible to become what we really are, to be authentic, to be ourselves again. but i will tell you that is much more difficult to try to be what we are not" -Don Miguel Ruiz-
from the kitchen... einstein's vanilla coffee!
around the house... need some fresh flowers.
one of my favorite things... watch a favorite programs taped on the dvr & zip by the commercials.
i'm creating... a new mini-kit.
a few plans for the rest of the week... grocery shopping,  have vet take a look at napoleon, pay bills, answer e-mails, work on mini-kit, check out forums and blogs, digi-scrap....
from my lens...
i ended up splurging on a couple of packages of the new px 100 silver shade film for my sx-70 polaroid camera!! i got the little box from ups yesterday and as soon as i had it, i just had to try it!! so... i went looking for my dogs who are always home & willing to pose for the camera! lol!!
 here's natasha in my very first shot:

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vacation was nice and relaxing, the weather at the beach was great, got a bit of a suntan, got to see family and i definitely ate a lot while i was there. (best part, i didn't have to cook a single day!) i was pretty busy yesterday and will be again today since i want to get back to my routine asap, including getting back to healthy eating habits & resume normal rate blogging too! 

here are just a few of the pictures i took:

our house

view from the house in san salvador

by the pool

view towards the beach

costa del sol beach



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from the digi-scrapping world:

ninascraps designs new kit is going to be out this week at o'scraps

here's my page with this kit:

and for this week's freebie...yes, because i managed to make one too! template #13:

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from the instant photography world:

and some more good news - another brand new film by the impossible project! this one looks beautiful and i can't wait to try it!

LIMITED PX 100 SILVER SHADE for sx-70's cameras

✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼     ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼ ✼

thank you guys for the e-mails, the good wishes and the encouragement. I'm working on a new mini-kit which i'm hoping to have finished by monday so don't forget to stop by.
'till next time!