A post with "impossible" news and a freebie too!

FOR TODAY... march 29, 2010

outside my window... surrounded by tall luscious trees & can still hear the high pitched noise of the cicadas.
i am thankful for... time with family.
I am wearing... comfy gray shorts, white "twilight" t-shirt & white flip-flops.
noticing that... seems that time has stood still in this house.
I am going... to spend the day with friends.
i am currently reading... "the friday night knitting club" by kate jacobs
i am hoping... we get nice weather at the beach.
on my mind... missing my imac computer...
pondering these words... why yearn for a promised land? the true land is in the heart. -deng ming-dao-
from the kitchen... a maid preparing breakfast!! :O
around the house... besides the mockingbirds & the cicadas all is quiet.
one of my favorite things... curling up in bed with a good book.
i'm creating... this post.
a few plans for the rest of the week... typical homemade food, walks along the beach, sunbathing around the pool, margaritas prepared by my dh, take photos of all the kids together & read to my heart's content!
from my lens...

outside my window

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i'm at my house in san salvador since saturday and will be living early tomorrow to costa del sol beach which is about and hour and half from here. the temperature here is about  87 ℉ , sunny and perfect for the beach!

 i wanted to do a post before leaving since i will not have internet connection for the remainder of my vacation! yikes! (only my iphone) but first of all because i wanted to thank you all for the wonderful response and comments to my first digi-kit. i'm honestly just getting my feet wet as far as designing goes - taking baby-steps towards becoming more experienced and offering better designs. your positive comments are of great encouragement & motivation. so, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  ♥
...and as promised i wanted to leave you with another freebie - a new template - hope you like it!!

download here

here's what i did with it:

two more layouts from this past week:

 talented designer che yang is joining elisa hubbard in a new digi-scrapping store which opens this wednesday the 31st! you girls are amazingly artistic and will have, i am sure, great success.
best of luck che and thanks for everything!!

☺ ☺ ☺   news from the the instant photography world   ☺ ☺ ☺

i've been subscribed to the "impossible project" newsletter for a while and the one i got thursday was one with really good news!  impossible's first brand new instant film for polaroid sx-70's cameras is available now!!!!!!!

"Secret Mission"
Emilie Le Fellic
France, 2010

"The Shining"
Simone Frignani
Germany, 2010

"Paul and Emily"
Josh Goleman
USA, 2010

aren't these examples just fabulous? for more photos check out the impossible collection here.

have a great week and will see you here at my return!  ✌


Birthday parties, blog hops and my very first digi-kit for free!!!

i usually do a new post every monday morning but i had so many good news that i decided to go ahead and post it today! (sunday here).  i did not want you to miss out in all the fun going on in the digi-scrapping world.... and besides.... it is probably already monday to some of you out there!!  ;)

FOR TODAY... march 21, 2010

outside my window... still light outside but will get dark soon.
i am thankful for... spring break and the chance to travel together.
I am wearing... hudson jeans, aqua t-shirt and jelly thongs.
noticing that... airplane trips are getting a bit easier...
I am going... to skip dinner (had a late lunch) & go to bed and read!
i am currently reading... "the weed that strings the hangman's bag " by alan bradley
i am hoping... for another productive week.
on my mind... plans for my upcoming trip to san salvador.
pondering these words... "we make life real by the thoughts we project"-deng ming-dao-
from the kitchen... not a thing right now.
around the house... i can hear the tv and my husband and son laughing.
one of my favorite things... dry mango slices.
i'm creating... my next freebie.
a few plans for the rest of the week... grocery shopping, visit to the bookstore, buy bathing suit (yikes!), pack suitcases......
from my lens...

 i took this photo during a trip to potsdam, germany in the summer of 2008 and as so many of my photos, it just have been there waiting to be of some use one day... 

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From the digi-scrapping world:

i'm so excited to have created my very first digital scrapbook kit - papers and all! the kit contains 8 papers (grungy and textured), one .psd frame and 12 other elements including butterflies and flowers - all with a fresh & free-spirited color scheme of soft pinks, blues and mauve.
spring has sprung and i thought this kit would make the perfect freebie to celebrate spring and hopefully inspire some of your layouts.
... oh!... and now you know where the little pink flowers for the "spring is in the air" kit came from! (see photo of white flower above)  
 like i said, this is my very first attempt at creating a full kit and i would really love to have some feedback - go ahead download,  play with it and let me know what you think.

a layout with my new kit:

this week's layouts:

party party party!!!!!!!!!!!

don't forget o'scraps is celebrating it's 4th birthday with huge sales and lots of prize giveaways this week!!!! (march 21-28) Visit the forum for more party info.
to participate in the blog hop, make your first stop at the departure blog here to collect all of the designer freebies.

all designer's creations are on sale, including sue cumming's products which are 30% off!! Check out all of sue's gifts to you on her blog here.

all of sue's creative team have created free birthday cards for you to download and print - you'll find all the links in her blog too. Here are mine - click on the images to go to a full resolution image and save to your computer.

or how about nina's gorgeous designs? also 30%off this week!!

check out her store here.

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phew! long post today - lots of news and many goodies for you to enjoy!

my son's spring break is coming up! whoooohooo! i'm going away this saturday and will be away for 10 days  - i'm looking forward to this trip to el salvador & the chance to visit family and friends. i'll share my photos on my return and hopefully will have a new freebie too (which i have on the works right now).
have an awesome week and happy spring!!!


A project finished, layouts & a freebie.


outside my window... looks like it is going to be a beautiful cloudless day.
i am thankful for... energy and motivation.
I am wearing... workout clothes.
i am remembering... i need to make plans for the spring break trip.
I am going... to go for a long walk.
i am currently (still) reading... "the shadow of the wind" by carlos ruiz zafon.
i am hoping... for a great week!
on my mind... will be nice to have more daylight hours..... but the time change is hard!
noticing that... warmer weather is here.
pondering these words... "i want to make myself an empty room: quiet whitewashed walls with slant sunshine and a fresh breeze through open windows" -deng ming-dao-
from the kitchen... K cereal and fat-free milk.
around the house... morning light coming through the windows.
one of my favorite things... getting packages in the mail.
i'm creating... a design for a race car helmet for dh!
a few plans for the rest of the week... taxes, more cleaning and lots of digi-scrapping!
from my lens...
love a relaxing sunday and long talks with judith.

if you would like to participate head over to: 
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as some of you know, my husband spends lots of time away on business and one of his latest projects was the construction of a residential high-rise in the city of san salvador which he started in 2007. he has put lots of effort, sacrifice and  energy into this venture & all has been worth it. please know that we are so very proud of you babe!!! here are some photos of the new Terra Alta apartment building:

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻    ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

from the digi-scrapping world:

a few of layouts from this past week:

... and yes, even though my niece was here and i had other things to do, i still managed to work on a freebie: template #11 - enjoy!

here's my layout with template #11

thanks for stopping by, have fun digi-scrapping & hope you have a great, great week !!!


That Alice movie, some layouts and a freebie.

FOR TODAY... march 8, 2010

  outside my window... a beautiful crisp sunny day!!!
i am thinking... i'm so glad my husband loves to cook.
i am thankful for... sundays spent with family.
I am wearing... jeans, t-shirt, sweater and all-stars.
i am remembering... to do my grocery shopping today.
I am going... to make march's to-do list.
i am currently reading... "the shadow of the wind" by carlos ruiz zafon.
i am hoping... to do lots of reading this week.
on my mind... my word for the year : simplify!
noticing that... i do not want as many material things as i once did.
pondering these words... "learning is the fountain of youth. no matter how old you are, you mustn't stop growing" - deng ming-dao-
from the kitchen... croissants, raspberry jam & coffee.
around the house... quite picked-up and neat.
one of my favorite things... listening to music without doing anything else.
i'm creating... a 2010 calendar for my mom (with photos of my son of course!)
a few plans for the rest of the week... spend time with my niece, catch a movie or 2, read & take pictures!
from my lens...

tacos with all the trimmings 

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 i just love going to the movies. i saw 'alice in wonderland" and it was enchanting, witty, colorful & fun. tim burton's take on the classic fairy tale did not disappoint me. great animation, awesome costumes, surreal landscapes full of odd details & i loved wacky-freaky mad hatter ( johnny depp ♥)
for you out there with young children, i don't think this is a movie for them though. dialog is a little heavy-handed and there are not that many hysterical funny moments. go check it out if you can!

all photos: Disney / guardian.co.uk

... i got to play a bit with the iphone apps. again & here's what i got - i have left them sooc so you can see some of the different effects already included in the apps. like the edgy borders and flash effects.

from the digi-scrapping world:

i was shocked to hear the news that leiko beck designs is officially closing shop! it is sad to see her online store close but i applaud her courage & determination to follow her heart in order to concentrate in 'real life"priorities.  thanks leiko for the opportunity to be part of your team - i wish you the very best in your personal life and all future business endeavors. i am sure when the time is right again, you'll come back to the digi-scrapping world with a strengthened passion and your undeniable talent!

visit her store for a huge final sale and her blog for some coupon giveaways this week!

on a different note, i have a new kind of freebie for this week: a set of 9 vintage slide frames. what do you think? these took me longer to create and hopefully you'll find them of use for your layouts.

check out these two layouts i created with the vintage slide frames:

and the rest of the week's layouts:

let's have a fantastic week everyone! don't forget i love to look at the layouts you create with the freebies so please leave a link or e-mail me. thanks!

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