Yearning for Autumn...

as the close of the summer season draws near, (at least for some of you depending of where you live...) i find myself missing and yearning for the autumn colors, falling leaves and the crisp cool air from when i was living in virginia.

 autumn is my favorite season and living in florida is what i miss the most... 
we have a very subtle change in the weather here - mornings and evenings are a bit cooler and sometimes cool enough to open windows or wear a light sweater but not cold enough to cause the chemical reaction which causes leaves to turn.

with so many people from canada and the northern states here during september and october, we have a joke here in miami which says that the only way to tell it's autumn is for when the colors on the license plates change! lol!!

anyway.... i truly look forward to see all the wonderful photos and layouts posted in the galleries during these months.
 and that said, here's this week's freebie:

take a look at the stunning autumn page sandrine created with it - the photo and the colors are just perfect!

here's my page:

my other layouts for the week: 
(click on the images for full list of credits)

noticed all the non-white backgrounds on my layouts? 
well, one has to be bold & daring sometimes, right? lol!

have a fabulous week and happy scrapping!


Busy days and a freebie...

yay! i'm finally caught up with bunch of things on my to-do list.
 i hate feeling behind and having to spend time away from creating. i'm hoping things stay quiet for a while so i can focus & do some serious digi-scrapping..... i do need to design because i'm having serious withdrawals symptoms already!! lol!

in between a million things to do and after a couple of mojo-less days, here are my pages from last week:

this week i've created this colorful little freebie - hope you likey! ;)

 sandrine's beautiful layout using the new freebie:

and some of your layouts using my freebies too:

by brinic

by ginger scraps

by la buzine

sending good vibes and hugs your way - have a fabulous week everyone!


Something new....

hi everyone! 
hope you had a wonderful week.

i had some pretty busy days myself but i still managed to scrap a bit...

(don't forget to click on the images for full list of credits)

i have a new sort of freebie this week! first time making one like it but fun too!
some of you had asked if i could make the alpha for the chunky words and chunky titles word art...
so here it is:

 i still have a bunch of things to do this week too so i guess i better start to pick up the pace here!
have a great week ahead and enjoy the freebie!!


happy monday everyone! hope that i find you well.
where you here last thursday? hope you had fun participating in sue's challenge and collecting all the greeting card freebies from my friends.  (see previous post - you can still participate if you hurry!)

i've had the september issue of somerset digital studio since last wednesday and those of you who have had your work published in "real life" magazines can relate to the thrill of actually seeing your layouts staring back at you from the beautiful pages of a big name magazine for the very first time. so please, since i am still feeling tingly about it, kindly allow me to say one more time:

i know some of you have already seen them in the magazine or at my facebook page but for those of you that haven't, here they are:

pages 96  &  97

page 98

page 114

so it's monday again and i have something new to share. isn't it awesome to just bury yourself in your hobbies.... and doesn't the time goes flying too! lol!
how about 2 freebies for this week?

chunky words:

chunky titles:

2 of my layouts for the past week:

i hope you have a fabulous week, thanks for stopping by again and specially for the lovely comments that you keep leaving....you are all too kind for words!



Blog Party!!!

 yep, it's not monday yet but i had to come and share some awesome news with you.
the o'scraps designer spotlight (sept.1-15) is featuring one of my favorite designers:
 sue cummings! 

there is a fantastic challenge to create a digital or hybrid greeting card and the chance to win
 a shopping spree at her shop!

check all the details at the o'scraps forum here.

just take a look at the previews! hard to resist, eh?

 i've created a greeting card with sue's sketchbook artistry no.1 and it's my freebie for you today.
(printing instructions included in the download)

how about some more free cards? my friends have created some really gorgeous ones and all you have to do is visit the blogs that are hosting a party to collect yours!

☛ feel free to post the links to these greeting cards on your blogs... but do not share the actual downloads. kindly send them to the blogs of my friends and don't forget to leave a little love along the way.

have fun blog hopping and many thanks for stopping by!