Where did my mojo go?

just a quick post today - i was in a slump all monday & yesterday too, struggling to finish a page and not really happy with what i was coming out with. i kept staring at my monitor (a pse blank page) and nothing will come to me *shocked gasps* not even new stuff to play with or new photos would trigger an idea *more shocked gasps* eventually  a realization came to me.. i... ... have... lost... my  mojo!!

there are times when i wish the day had more hours and i could stay up scrapping 'till the wee hours of the morning, hey i even have ideas coming in my dreams sometimes!  i guess these things come and go in waves, they happen from time to time...... it is just a scary thing. 

i decided not to push it & take a break from scrapping, grabbed my new dan brown's book "the lost symbol' and lost myself in its pages. at night i watched some of my tivo recordings which been there for a while and also did some "spring cleaning' in my studio. this morning i was happy to discover that my mojo was back! - my muse was probably only taking a break *giggles* and thank god for that!

here are the pages i created today:

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  1. Oh God, they are lovely!
    You know, i know what you meant... I still have hard time sitting on the computer, and I have look at my photos for a long time, now...

    I need to get things going, but they have to go their way? right