Published in Digital Artist Magazine!!

i was very excited this morning while checking my e-mails to find out that the september issue for DAM was out! ok....i know my layout is not on the cover but almost at the end on the reader gallery section.  i am still thrilled  to see one of my pages in a magazine! i am sure, those of you who have had your pages published in "real paper" magazines always remember the feeling of seeing your work for the very first time staring back from the glossy pages - that must certainly be something cool but i am very happy and delighted to see mine in my 24" mac!!  So, this said, kindly allow me a moment to say Whoooo-hoooo!! My very first page submitted and also my very first published one!

here is the page i created with all pixel canvas products:

click on the image to go DAM

thanks digital artist magazine for choosing my page, the amazing opportunity  and seeing "something" in my art worth of your fabulous publication.

... and some pages from yesterday and today:


  1. Congrats Nini !!!
    This must be awesome !!! And you totally deserve it !

  2. oh big congrats Nini! That is fabulous news! How exciting@!