Thinking outside the box?

what does this mean exactly? is it only looking at things from a fresh perspective? being open to new ideas ? or just being an innovator ? i don't think i can really think outside the box - i have a crazy organizational mind and always feel the need to put some structure in my layouts. i hate clutter therefore my pages usually showcase only one photo, very few elements & a neutral color background (usually white). i include little o no journaling ( not because i don't like it but because writing is not my thing) and my pictures are not that great so making them small is good and besides it gives me more breathing room on my 12"x12" canvas.

so, when it comes to scrapping, i tend to follow these "rules" that are probably just part of who i am and define in one way or another, my style. BUT i also like scrapping a silly photo,  just one that goes well with a cute kit i just bought or a page with no photo at all.  so this is probably as far as i go as thinking outside the box. maybe this is why i also love taking on some  challenges and seeing how far i can go without sacrificing my style and what makes me feel good.

i scrap because i like it, i feel good about the pages i create and i know i am telling my family's story and someday they will appreciate what they have. they'll probably enjoy the photos, the stories behind those photos and  i certainly doubt that  they'll mind at all it's on a 12x12 space.

here are some of my new pages and so much for thinking outside the box! lol!

and for my attempt to thinking outside the box: one with no photo *grins*

i also have 2 new freebies that you can download if you like. i've been attempting to create some frames and masks
for my own use but if you think they can help you be creative on your pages, go ahead and grab them.


  1. ohhh...great blog post! Loved reading all that! You know it would make a great Rocking Girls Spotlight! Love your two new masks!

  2. oh, i cant' download your very beautifull frame

  3. Grungy mask: wow i love it, thanks very much

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  5. Just fixed the link for the frame - all seems OK now. Sorry about that.

  6. Your mask...wow

    Here my LO with your creation


  7. i love Caught in the Rain ... so like living here in B.C. lol