for today... dec 27, 2010

outside my window... snow, snow and more snow!
i am thinking... would love to go to the movie theater.
i am thankful for... safe plane trips!
i am wearing... black jeans, black turtleneck, gray sweater, scarf and uggs.
i am remembering... so many nice phone calls from christmas day.
i am going... shopping & sightseeing today.
i am currently reading... winter sea by susanna kearsley
i am hoping... boys return safe from skiing today.
on my mind... my doggies back home.
pondering these words... 'once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen' -emerson-
from the kitchen... no cooking while on vacation!  ...ready to go out for breakfast.
around the hotel... tv is on... otherwise all quiet.
one of my favorite things... hot cocoa topped  with marshmallows. 
i'm creating...  joy!
a few plans for the rest of the week... take photos, relax and enjoy my vacation.

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hi everybody! just a quick post today from the beautiful ski resort at deer valley, utah.
 i'm having a fabulous time, sightseeing, relaxing and probably eating a bit too much too! hope you had a wonderful christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. 

here's some word art i managed to finish the night before my trip.
repeated lines: "reflections and resolutions" 

have a fabulous week, best wishes for a prosperous new year and may all your seasons be bright!


for today... dec.13

outside my window... crisp cool temperatures and wonderful blue skies
i am thinking... only 12 days till christmas.
i am thankful for... good memories and happy moments.
i am wearing... my ever so soft pj's and crocs.
i am remembering... christmases past.
i am going... on my ski trip this coming saturday.
i am currently reading... january's issue of oprah's magazine
i am hoping... for plenty of snow at the ski resort.
on my mind... my family back home in el salvador.
pondering these words... "luck is believing you're lucky" -t. williams-
from the kitchen... coffee... too early for anything else.
around the house... christmas decorations all in place.
one of my favorite things... spending quiet weekends at home.
i'm creating... a list of new word art ideas.
a few plans for the rest of the week... hair cut, finish wrapping christmas presents, get dog food, pack bags, post office...
one picture to share...

rufus (1999-2010)
i'll miss you faithful friend.

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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from the digi-scrapping world:

check out these 2 wonderful christmas kits from o'scraps:

sue cumming's 52 inspirations {2010}

ho.ho.ho by ninascraps:

my pages from last week:

and yes, i do have a freebie this week! not word art as usual but some frames.
hope you like them.

mini postage stamp frames:

i'll be leaving for my trip this saturday but will have a little something for you next week too so don't forget to stop by to grab a new freebie.
take care, stay safe and have an awesome week!


for today...nov 30! can you believe it?

outside my window... gorgeous afternoon with comfortable weather.
i am thinking... christmas.
i am thankful for... things that make me laugh out loud.
i am wearing... jeans, white t-shirt and red all stars.
i am remembering... the long talks with my sister.
i am going... to catch up on my christmas shopping this week.
i am currently reading... re-reading 'dragonfly in amber' by d.gabaldon.
i am hoping... to finish some small remodeling project to my breakfast nook.
on my mind... christmas songs.
noticing that... it is going to be a busier week of what i had thought.
pondering these words... 'let what you love, be what you do' rumi
from the kitchen... chicken tacos for dinner tonight!
around the house... christmas ornaments still in boxes.
one of my favorite things... a quiet house and some creative time.
i'm creating... photo albums.
a few plans for the rest of the week... scrap, put up christmas tree, movie on friday, shopping and more shopping.
one picture to share...

wild natural swamps near sanford - taken from airboat

hi everyone!
 i couldn't make here on monday but did not want the week to go by without a new post.
i had the most wonderful time visiting my sister and getting to spend time with my mom. 
we had a traditional thanksgiving dinner but with the turkey prepared in salvadoran style. the salvadoran version of roast turkey has a wide variety of spices, tomatoes, prunes and raisins that are roasted along with the turkey in the roasting pan. this tasty mixture is then simmered and served as a rich sauce to accompany the turkey. yum!
 and yes, we had plenty of leftovers which we ate as turkey sandwiches with some sauce poured over them.

 hope you had a great thanksgiving holiday and are having a great start of the holiday season. 
christmas isn't very far away and therefore i got a lot of things to be done.
i didn't have time to scrap while away but i did managed to create a freebie! hope you enjoy it.

christmas stamps

ok, i'm off to walk my doggies and hopefully come back later to my little studio and fill it with pixels and some happy tunes!

happy tuesday and a fabulous week to you all!


for today... 

outside my window... overcast skies but wonderful cool temperatures.
i am thinking... thanksgiving.
i am thankful for... having my mom here for a few days.
I am wearing... jeans, black long sleeve t-shirt & red all stars.
i am remembering... to take camera with me at all times - keep missing great shots!
I am going... to go and spend thanksgiving weekend in orlando.
i am currently reading... still on 'dragonfly in amber' by diana gabaldon.
i am hoping... to have a fabulous time at my sister's.
on my mind... so many things to do from now until christmas.
noticing that... change is most definitively the only certain thing in life.
pondering these words... the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. - h. hofmann-
from the kitchen... scrambled eggs with goat cheese and shallots over a thick slice of bread.
around the house... the smell of christmas from some decorative fragrance potpourri.
one of my favorite things... special dates and get togethers.
i'm creating... new layouts - no restrictions.
a few plans for the rest of the week... buy presents for my sister and her family in orlando, wrap gifts, pack my bags and leave thing tidy here at home.
one picture to share...

love my pink all-stars

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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from the didi-scrapping world:

a gorgeous new collaboration kit by taylormade designs & biograffiti

my pages from last week:

i am super busy running around trying to accomplish a bunch of things before my weekend  trip to orlando but also enjoying having my mom here for a visit. 
some changes also going on in my life right now regarding scrapping duties but feeling relaxed after having struggled with the decision for a while. 
hope you all have a very wonderful thanksgiving holiday!
stay safe.


For today...

FOR TODAY... nov 15, 2020

outside my window... bright sunshine and cooler temperatures!  i'm happy!
i am thinking... i've done a lot of blog hopping this week.
i am thankful for... across the miles friends.
I am wearing... an extra lb. from all i ate yesterday!!
I am going to... get ideas for the Christmas tree.
i am currently reading...  re-reading 'dragonfly in amber' by diana gabaldon
i am hoping... my mom gets to visit me this month.
on my mind... the holidays.
noticing that... life is so much sweeter when you take time to stop and smell the roses!
pondering these words... ' when i am anxious it is because i am living in the future. when i am depressed it is because i am living in the past. -unknown-
from the kitchen... a big, big mug of hot vanilla coffee and a toasted english muffin with raspberry jam.
around the house... after any weekend some serious cleaning is in order.
one of my favorite things... jokes among friends that have lasted for years!
a few plans for the rest of the week... plant the new pansies, grocery shopping, exercise ...and scrap of course!
one picture to share...

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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hello everyone!
 you probably noticed that i started the opening of the post with the 'snippets of life' once again. yes! they're back! i have missed writing the list.  i find it makes me pay attention to the thoughts going through my mind, to be thankful for my daily blessings and to enjoy the little things!

anyway, hope you had a wonderful weekend. can you believe only 2 weeks 'till thanksgiving? before we know it christmas and the new year will be here!!!

i got a new freebie for you. some thanksgiving tags to use with either your fall/autumn or thanksgiving layouts.

i love sandrine's page with this new freebie:

last week pages:

thanks for stopping by once again. have a wonderful and creative week!


Happy iDSD 2010!!

choo choo!!
welcome to my stop on the mscraps blog train!!

i am sure you'll love all the gorgeous freebies the fabulous designers and the mscraps creative team have created just for you in order to celebrate international digital scrapbooking day!

here's my contribution:

please keep in mind that we are all on different time zones so our posts may not all be available at the same time. if you don't see the next freebie up on the designer's/ct's blogs, just check a little later to grab it up!

if you are wondering where to head next...... head over to patti's blog to get your next freebie!

 if you just stumbled into my blog right now, are lost or stuck, the first stop of the blog train is at the mscraps forum here where you can also find the full list of 'stations'.

and of course...some pages from this week:

thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy all the gifts from the blog train and please remember to leave all designers some love!
have fun! 



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sue cummings is retiring some products and you can save up to 80% off the original prices!
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