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i know some of you have been having trouble downloading the friends word art getting all sorts of messages. i've already reported the problem to 4share and they say will look into it but seems that most people having the problem use internet explorer and they recommend using firefox instead since it has a much better download manager. 
 i have added an "e-mail me" button so you can send me a note with the freebie you want and i will send  the link to you this way.
sorry for all the trouble.

update from 4shared:

"Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience. Most probably, 
the issue was caused by a temporary connection problem which has been 
already resolved. Please advice other users to reach the file again."


one more week...


outside my window... humid, hot and balmy!
i am thankful for... the written word.
i am wearing... my pj's
noticing that... my handwriting is not as nice as before... probably due to only using the key-board!
i am still reading... "knit two" by kate jacobs.
on my mind... my health.
pondering these words.. a ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for. -w.shedd-
around the house... steamy windows.
from the kitchen... cup of coffee & cinnamon raisin bread.
one of my favorite things... jigsaw puzzles.
i'm creating... this post.
 a few plans for the rest of the week... hair appointment, pay bills, shopping, pack suitcases...
from my lens...

another storm approaching - another rainbow!

check out "the simple woman's daybook" to join the "for today" journaling idea or to browse among other  amazing journals!!

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one more week and off i go to the greek islands! do you believe how time is flying?
i'm already running around trying to do a bunch of things before my trip and of course working on my to-do list of things to pack.

i am so relieved the blood-work showed my iron levels up to 7 (they were 2 before).  i am for sure feeling a lot better but i'm afraid not 100% myself yet. hopefully levels will keep on climbing and i don't find myself feeling lousy during the trip.
i can help it but to start feeling a bit overwhelm but i guess i always tend to get like this before any trip - short or long. 

remember those doodles i have been mentioning? well, i am finally done - what do you think?
 i am sure we all can find a page or two in which to use a friends word art, right? have fun and remember to leave me links to your layouts.

here's my page with some of my on-line friends - i would have definitely needed a bigger template with lots more little squares to fit them all!

other news from the digi-scrapping world:

the rocking girls are back with an awesome challenge at o'scraps! check it out here or here.
one lucky person will win a gift certificate from nina's store. check out the rules and come play with us!

here's my page for the challenge:

get sue's 4 seasons bundle pack for $4 & for a limited time only:

some of your layouts using the freebies:

awesome pages ladies & thanks for leaving links to your creations! i always appreciate your e-mails and comments very much!

this will be a very busy week - lot's of thing to do before my trip so i better go and get started!

take care and have a blessed week!


an another quick and short post...

seems that time is not on my side this week..... but i needed to stop by and share a few things:

first and foremost, i want to thank my friend sandrine for the wonderful surprise and fantastic idea of hosting a challenge at the publicscrap forum using masks on a grid (april 26th freebie). i really, really  loved all of the pages i saw.
 sad to say, i had to ask my niece, who is spending the summer here, to translate the comments for me since i do not speak any french and could only make a word here and there.  :(
 you really rock my friend!!  merci beaucoup!!
you can visit sandrine's blog here.

sandrine's lo using mask on a grid & sisters word art.

last but not least i got to mention some fantastic new products at the O!

check out ninascraps store for templates no.24 and no.25:

and sue cummings store for the fabulous subscription 52 inspirations week 25 & from my notebook-home:

i am still working on some doodles for the next word art which i am sure you are going to like...
here's a sneak peek:

have a wonderful & creative week ahead my dear friends. 


a quick post today

hello everyone! you are probably wondering what happen to my usual "for today snippets" which usually open my monday posts but this morning it is going to be a quick one.
 hope all of you had a terrific father's day weekend and got to celebrate dad as he deserves.
my trip to orlando went just awesome and i am now trying to catch up with things here at home. by the amount of things i have to do,  it would seem that i've been away for longer than 4 days!!
i downloaded my photos last night and wanted to share some of them here.

from the magic kingdom:
character parade

all in pink!

night parade

from sea world:
at the dolphin nursery

shamu's show

fl. flamingo

enjoying some ice-cream

the rides

got wet at the rides!

getting wet trying to get a good shot!

one layout i managed to create last night:

...and of course a freebie for you too: "sisters" word art

hope you enjoy the new word art and hopefully everyone will be able to download it with no problems.

time is flying by and soon i'll be packing for another trip... exciting days are ahead and i am excited to be able to share them with you.

i'm off to have some blood-work done (again!) and i am hoping my hemoglobin levels and iron stores are up.
have a safe and great rest of the week!


Work in progress...


outside my window... approaching summer really fast... i am again reminded just how hot it gets here!
i am thankful for... summer vacations and the opportunity of travel.
i am wearing... ag jeans, light grey tee & flat sandals.
noticing that... some of my plants will need extra care now that the weather has changed.
i am still reading... "knit two" by kate jacobs.
on my mind... a bunch of stuff... what to pack for 4 day trip, the health of my older dog napoleon, a longer trip approaching, a minor procedure that i got to have done at hospital at the end of june, another blood work in 10 days..... 
pondering these words...  "you have to take risks. we will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen" -paulo coelho-
around the house... my father-in-law & his family over for a few days in order to go to orlando together.
from the kitchen... scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and chives. coffee & 4 grain toasts. 
one of my favorite things... boxes that hold old letters and photographs.
i'm creating...  doodles for the next word art freebie.
 a few plans for the rest of the week... buy dog food, trip to orlando on wednesday, while there, maybe visit one of the parks, finish new word art... 
from my lens...

loving the ipad apps!

before the storm

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

check out "the simple woman's daybook" to join the "for today" journaling idea or to browse among other  amazing journals!!

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happy monday everyone! hope you had a terrific weekend. i don't know about you but here at home we were all glued to the tv watching the soccer world cup!
 i'm feeling happy today and i'm certainly enjoying not waking up around 6:15 anymore! school is out and we moms take a break from fixed schedules also.

i finished the new word art last thursday and got me thinking of how much my blog means to me. i actually look forward to having some of my thoughts and of course a new freebie to share.
 i'm so glad i took the plunge when i did in spite of the many reasons that were holding me back. (like writing in my adopted language...)
you have to understand that i've been this crazy perfectionist person almost all of my life and it is not easy getting rid of feelings of self-doubt and plain fear when you have a really dumb mantra that reads:  "it's not perfect yet". 
i know now that the perfect moment will never be and that the moment i have now it's the only one that matters - of course there will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions for the things i want to do but must of all i'm learning to start from where i am, carry on and learn as i go. 
afraid or not!
 i'm work in progress.... a recovering perfectionist...

 that said, i had lots of fun creating this new freebie and hopefully you too will find it useful.
it  has over 30 different .png files - they can be easily re-colored and it includes journaling prompts & some frames. enjoy!

"today" word art:

 a note to myself about perfectionism.

it's so exciting having sandrine create such delightful & exquisite layouts with my freebies! this next one is just awesome! love the photo! 

and no, i did not forget some of us are getting ready to celebrate dad this sunday so with that in mind i also created a word art mini kit for your father's day layouts, cards or why not for attaching it to your e-mails too! Hope you & your men enjoy them!

last week's layouts:

check out some of your layouts using my freebies:

by the way, sue figured out i'm going to greece this summer (she just had to read one of my older posts! lol!) ... and yes, lucky me, i'll be in the greek islands for 3 whole weeks in july!
 i'm looking forward to spending time with my boys, my 2 nieces and relaxing time at the beach too! 

i'll be in orlando this week and i'm hoping we don't get any rain. i know it is going to be scorching hot but that's better than walking around the parks under a downpour! besides, if it does rain, i get only to take my point & shoot!!

i know that a couple of you had problems downloading last week's freebie.  sorry about that!
 i've fixed the link so please try again and if you still have difficulties just e-mail me and will send you the zip file.

have a fantastic week and don't forget to celebrate dad!
happy father's day!



FOR TODAY... june 07, 2010

outside my window... an overcast sky - seems that the sun doesn't want to get up.
i am thankful for... not being afraid to be different.
i am wearing... still in my pj's.
noticing that... i'm feeling much better today!
i am reading... "knit 2" by kate jacobs
on my mind... a 3 week summer vacation at the beach.... 
pondering these words... "doubt is the vestibule which we all must pass through before we can enter the temple of truth" -osho-
around the house... no one but me here.... all is quiet.
from the kitchen... creamy maple-flavored oatmeal sprinkled with dry cherries, cranberries and blueberries.
one of my favorite things... sitting on the couch in my pajamas watching movies with my boys.
i'm creating...  a new word art kit from one of the ideas left in the comments by my readers.
 a few plans for the rest of the week... have dishwasher fix, pick up prescription at pharmacy, grocery shopping.....
from my lens...

dh on any saturday morning...

at the track 

check out "the simple woman's daybook" to join the "for today" journaling idea or to browse among other  amazing journals!!

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀     ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

first things first: i have reached 100 followers!!! yippee!!!
 i am not sure how this happened but i wanted to thank you all for your support and believing in my blog!!!
i hope my journey allows me to continue for a long time and that i don't disappoint you.

i'm thinking i should hold some kind of contest in the near future to celebrate so keep visiting and follow me if you are not already doing so. i'll think of some cool contest in order to celebrate!
thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥♥♥


last week i asked for you to suggest some themes for word art kits and many of you e-mailed me or left ideas on the comment section. let's just say that i now have a better idea of what you are looking for and i will definitely work on some that i found to be really cool ideas! thanks for all of your suggestions!
i started with one that i'll probably like to have in my stash of goodies -  the new word art for this week: "quiet times"
enjoy and remember to leave me a link to your creations.

sandrine has done it again - isn't this the perfect photo for the "quiet times" word art?

check out her gallery here.

my layouts for this past week:

some really cool pages by other scrappers using my freebies:

other news from the digi-scrapping world:

3 new beautiful kits by ninascraps designs!
 simple. springy. - pretty & whimsical - just perfect to help tell the story of playful and carefree moments.
summer. fun. - fresh yummy colors - suitable for those fun summer layouts.
simply.family.words. beautiful sentiment word art

check out nina's store for these and other wonderful kits.

sue's week 22 from 52 inspirations: serendipity is out!
don't you just love this subscription? .. and how about the free bonuses to all subscribers?
inspiring, wouldn't you say?

check out sue's store here.

... just for fun

i stumbled into this fun photo editing tool website the other day and thought you'll like to check it out.  you just choose an effect, upload your photo and photofunia does the rest! it's really fun!

... and before i forget:

my friend sue has been teasing with some dreamy photos at her blog lately & i'm still trying to figure out where is it that she's going on holidays! can you tell where her photos are from?
hey sue, this is where i'm going to be this july!
any ideas where this is? come on...it's an easy guess!

i'm looking forward to having a productive week since i'm starting to feel much better. the iron iv seems to be doing it's job!
have an awesome week everyone!!!!!!!