for today... 

outside my window...a few clouds and light rain.
i am thinking... how warm the weather was all during the past week.
i am thankful for... every day.
i am wearing... my usual...  jeans, t-shirt and flats.
i am going...  to definitely start walking and exercising this week... for sure!
i am currently reading... 'winter sea' by susana kearsley and re-reading  'voyager' by diana gabaldon.
i am hoping... my husband does not travel too often this year.
on my mind... my 'little word' for this year... release.
pondering these words...  'when it's dark enough, you can see the stars'  -c.a. beard-
from the kitchen... oatmeal with dried cherries, cranberries and almonds.
around the house... back to the old routine and therefore all is quiet.
one of my favorite things... an unplanned day to do whatever i want.
i'm creating... a photo book.
a few plans for the rest of the week... i for sure have more than a few! talk to college advisor, sat tutoring for my son, grocery shopping,  start getting together all papers for tax day, doctor's appointment, take car for service....etc...etc....
from my lens: 

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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sorry i've been a terrible blogger i was supposed to post this yesterday but life does get in the way sometimes and  time just seems to have been flying by with so many things on my plate right now... but i promise, i've been a better mom and wife because of this...  ;)  

i guess one major event in our lives this year will be helping my son with the college process....he is on 11th grade (seems that it was only yesterday that i was driving him to kindergarten... *sigh*)
 and believe or not, he has to start it soon which means filling applications from his choice of schools, taking required tests, getting letters of recommendations, finishing his social work hours, visit to schools, ...etc....etc... which means i have to help a lot to make sure he's doing all that is necessary...  
he's decided to go to music school.... and i often wonder if a 16 year old really knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life.... i'm crossing my fingers he makes good decisions.

anyway, that's one of the things on my mind right now besides all the other things i want or have to do too.  i did manage to create a few layouts and i'm happy with the results. take a look:

i have no idea what it's happening to blogger but i just could not link my images to my gallery for list of credits. if interested please visit my gallery at o'scraps.

ninascraps is back with a kit perfect for valentine's day layouts and/or cards:

and with valentine's day only a few weeks away i created a new word art freebie for you to use on your cards or layouts. i do hope you enjoy it and would love to see how you use it, leave a link or send me an e-mail and i might even feature your project here.

      love word art

have a fabulous and creative week!


for today... jan 10, 2011

outside my window...already dark outside but clear skies and cool temperatures.
i am thinking... way too much as always! 
i am thankful for... the company of books during a weekend by myself.
i am wearing... blue jeans, white long sleeve tee & gray all stars
i am going... to start walking and exercising again this week.
i am currently reading... 'winter sea' by susana kearsley.
i am hoping... i can accomplish lots of new projects this year - one at a time...
on my mind... my son studies.
pondering these words... ' courage does not always roar. sometimes is the quiet voice at the end of the day, saying,'i will try again tomorrow'  -anonymous-
from the kitchen... roasted chicken with potatoes and other veggies. 
around the house... no more christmas decorations around!
one of my favorite things... to walk around barefoot in my house.
i'm creating... memories.
a few plans for the rest of the week... start working on a very long to-do list! yikes!
from my lens: 

restless night

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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remember my last post? about the one word resolution? well, my dear friend helen found a fabulous project for us to participate in this year: one little word, an online class taught by ali edwards with a once a month assignment  including some great creative prompts. 
the purpose is to make something more tangible with your chosen word and a way to keep it on your mind throughout the year. wonderful idea, isn't it? for more info you can visit the big picture classes blog.

check out my cover page:

and my january prompt card page:

i felt like working on something i haven't done in a while so for this week's freebie i have a layered template:

template #14:

stay safe and have a fantastic week!


A one word resolution

for today... jan 3, 2011

outside my window... an overcast sky but glad to see gorgeous palm trees again!!
i am thinking... how hard it was to wake up early today!!
i am thankful for... such a wonderful trip and being back home safely.
i am wearing... my favorite comfy navy pants and a white buddha t-shirt
i am going... to enjoy being home today.
i am currently reading... 'winter sea' by susana kearsley.
i am hoping... to scrap and catch up on my blogs!
on my mind... my new year's resolution.
pondering these words... 'you leave all habits behind by starting out with the thought, i release the need for this in my life' -w. dyer
from the kitchen... my favorite coffee and a couple of toast with raspberry jam.
around the house... piles of winter clothes waiting to be washed.
one of my favorite things... my dad's characteristics so evident in my son.
i'm creating...  this blog post.
a few plans for the rest of the week... scrap, grocery shopping, take down christmas tree, take winter coats to the cleaners, laundry and more laundry.
from my lens: thought i show you a few of the photos from my trip

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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hi! hope you had a wonderful new year's celebration and a-not-to-hectic holiday season. hope that 2011 is to a great start for all of you. my ski vacation was fun and full of snow!!! the guys had a terrific time skiing and my sister in law and i got to do a bit of shopping, much relaxing and some catching up with golden globes nominated movies!

i don't know about you, but i have always like making new year's resolutions since i find they make me focus on things i really want to do and/or achieve and it is a way to mark the beginning of the year and the changes that it symbolizes.
talking about it over dinner some nights ago, i decided to pick only one word to guide me into action throughout the year, one word to inspire me in a bigger way, one word which resonates with me and keep me focus. but it had to be only one word - one to set the tone for the new year.
after giving it a bit of thought and pondering on some words that inspire me, i decided to pick: release.
this word might imply the release of fear, control, stress, clutter, doubts, worries, judgment about my own self, toxic relationships, bad habits....etc.
having this more broader word will allow me the opportunity to release and let go on a more extensive way and not so limited as if, for example,  i would have chosen the resolution to only release stress.
one big word I can carry with me all year long and which has the power to relate to different areas of my life.

if you would pick one word, what would your word be?

here's my page to document my 2011 resolution:

this gorgeous non-photo page by my dear friend helen:

and a freebie to help you pick a word and create a new year's resolution layout.

'set the tone' word art

please feel free to share your word here or if you want me to add extra words to another set of word art, let me know!

happy new year!!! wishing it is filled with new hope, new joy and wonderful new beginnings!!!