for today... 

outside my window... a glorious february morning with blue skies and warm temperatures.
i am thinking... where did february go?
i am thankful for... being able to afford healthcare. 
i am wearing... navy yoga pants, white tee and flip-flops.
i am going...  to go for a long walk...
i am currently reading... drums of autumn by diana gabaldon
i am hoping... my lab tests and scan will come back with good news.
on my mind... love having plans but also having some down time!
pondering these words...  'obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal' -h.ford-
from the kitchen... oatmeal with fat free milk, dried cherries and almonds.
around the house... things need to be picked up.... as usual after a weekend.
one of my favorite things...   florida winters... so lucky to live here.
i'm creating... a calendar for mom.
a few plans for the rest of the week... pay bills, run errands, go for more lab work, walk and take pictures!
from my lens: 

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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hello everyone! i've been a stranger to my blog lately, haven't posted, created or share anything with you guys.  i guess i have been a bit depressed (?) and not feeling 100% ok health wise. hopefully i'll start feeling better soon and i can resume my routine. 

here's my february assignment for the 'one little word' workshop:

another one of my pages was published in the april 2011 issue of somerset digital studio. yay!!

 some of the pages created since i was here last:

and yes! a new freebie too! 
hope you like it!

moments word art:

take care and have a fabulous week!


  1. Thank you for your another fantastic freebie!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Soak up some of that Florida sunshine :o) Love the layouts, thanks for sharing and also thank you for the wordart designs, love them.

  3. Sorry to hear you're not at 100%. Thanks for the wonderful word art :)

  4. Oh Nini!! I love everything in this post..hope you lab results are what you're hoping for..also that "fly" layout is fantastic and thanks for the freebie!!

    Have a good week.

  5. I hope that you are going to feel very fast better and finding the shape. I am sad to read that you do not feel excellent! I never leave many comments but every time I come here, it is a delight. Your pages are sublime. And your freebies also. You really have a great deal of talent. Take care of you.
    Thank for this wonderful freebie!!!!

  6. Congrats on being published! It is an honor well-deserved.
    Thank you for the gift!

  7. Dearest Nini,

    So lovely to read your blog again. I was beginning to wonder what was happening in your life, as I do miss your weekly blast of inspiration! I feel so bad I haven't been keeping up to date with my gallery comments, you've got so many beautiful LO's and I really want to make sure I leave some ♥ on each of them.

    I hope your test results are good and that your health is OK? I know that whenever I'm feeling under the weather, it effects my scrapping. I always get scrappers block when I'm unwell.

    Many congrats on being published again. I'm sure you designs are inspiring so many other scrappers.

    Stay well my friend!


  8. Everything is so beautiful my friend! As usual!
    Congratulations on your page being published,your talent totally deserves it!
    I hope you'll have good news about your health and that everything will go better!
    Thank you for the beautiful wordarts! Hugs!

  9. I cross my fingers for the good news of the lab tests and scan!!
    You are maybe not at 100% but your creativity is still here!!

  10. You're the best, Nini, always a so great pleasure to discover your fantastic creations. Good luck !

  11. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [01 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  12. I realy love your style - showing these wonderful pages, which inspire me so much - Just want to say Thank you!
    - for inspiration, for freebies, for all the time you share with us here in digiworld!

  13. Thank you and very good week !

  14. Thank you so much, your work is so beautiful.

  15. TAHNX for these GREAT wordarts...

  16. Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell - hope the test results are swift and helpful. As for the freebie - well of course we liked it!! They are always wonderful - heck I couldn't even see it when I downloaded it (didn't have glasses on) but I knew it would be good and now that I have viewed it (with glasses) I can see I was right! Thank you for all the wonderful things you share. Best wishes.

  17. Great to see you back and your fantastic creations! And love your wordarts as always! THanks!

  18. Dear Nini,

    I hope all your tests will come back with nothing serious and that they may be helpful in giving you your health back. Your layouts are just beautiful! Thank you so much for your beautiful art work - it's just so nice to have you back.

  19. Congrats !!
    Thank you so much for this freebie, it's so nice !

  20. Dear Nini
    Hope to find you in good shape soon!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely work!
    Nice to hear from you...missing your way to share life.
    Big hugs ;-)

  21. Dear friend...
    Congratulations on getting another creative layout published! I pray for good news for you from the lab.

  22. Ciao Nini, you have a lovely blog :)
    Many congrats on being published again.
    I will sure visit again soon.

  23. thank you very much for this magnificals WA !

  24. Thanks so much for the wonderful word art! I saw your work credited on another person's page and had to check it out. :)

  25. Amazing WA's as always, thank you so much for that!

  26. Thank you for the word art, Nina! Bless you. I hope you're able to beat this issue with your health...loss of health is so difficult.

  27. Wow! Fabulous blog and fantastic LO's!!!!!! Thanks so much for the WA

  28. wow, thank you so much for your freebie!

  29. Merci wordarts are great and really like your style! hre is where i used it! http://creatrish.blogspot.com/2011/07/holiday-day-17.html