for today... 

outside my window...a few clouds and light rain.
i am thinking... how warm the weather was all during the past week.
i am thankful for... every day.
i am wearing... my usual...  jeans, t-shirt and flats.
i am going...  to definitely start walking and exercising this week... for sure!
i am currently reading... 'winter sea' by susana kearsley and re-reading  'voyager' by diana gabaldon.
i am hoping... my husband does not travel too often this year.
on my mind... my 'little word' for this year... release.
pondering these words...  'when it's dark enough, you can see the stars'  -c.a. beard-
from the kitchen... oatmeal with dried cherries, cranberries and almonds.
around the house... back to the old routine and therefore all is quiet.
one of my favorite things... an unplanned day to do whatever i want.
i'm creating... a photo book.
a few plans for the rest of the week... i for sure have more than a few! talk to college advisor, sat tutoring for my son, grocery shopping,  start getting together all papers for tax day, doctor's appointment, take car for service....etc...etc....
from my lens: 

you can join the simple woman's daybook  where every day is a blank page..... and participate in creating a list of the simple things and every day moments of our daily lives.

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sorry i've been a terrible blogger i was supposed to post this yesterday but life does get in the way sometimes and  time just seems to have been flying by with so many things on my plate right now... but i promise, i've been a better mom and wife because of this...  ;)  

i guess one major event in our lives this year will be helping my son with the college process....he is on 11th grade (seems that it was only yesterday that i was driving him to kindergarten... *sigh*)
 and believe or not, he has to start it soon which means filling applications from his choice of schools, taking required tests, getting letters of recommendations, finishing his social work hours, visit to schools, ...etc....etc... which means i have to help a lot to make sure he's doing all that is necessary...  
he's decided to go to music school.... and i often wonder if a 16 year old really knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life.... i'm crossing my fingers he makes good decisions.

anyway, that's one of the things on my mind right now besides all the other things i want or have to do too.  i did manage to create a few layouts and i'm happy with the results. take a look:

i have no idea what it's happening to blogger but i just could not link my images to my gallery for list of credits. if interested please visit my gallery at o'scraps.

ninascraps is back with a kit perfect for valentine's day layouts and/or cards:

and with valentine's day only a few weeks away i created a new word art freebie for you to use on your cards or layouts. i do hope you enjoy it and would love to see how you use it, leave a link or send me an e-mail and i might even feature your project here.

      love word art

have a fabulous and creative week!


  1. FANTASTIC as always - thank you!

  2. Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!
    it is so generous !

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful word art:)

  4. Thank you for the wonderful word art!!!

  5. Thank you for the wordarts !
    Love your layouts !!!

  6. this is great! thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh boy, is it nearly Valentine's day already? I swear I'm still recovering from Christmas! Glad things are OK with you. I bet it must feel a bit odd seeing your "baby" almost completely grown up & applying to colleges! Is he applying near to home or is he going to be leaving the nest? Whatever he decides, with your support & guidance, I'm sure he'll make the right decision! Hope you have a blessed week ahead my friend ... until the next time (((hugs))) xoxo

  8. This are wonderful word art!! Thanks!!

  9. I am with Sue! Yikes ... where did Christmas and the New Year go? And you are so right ... how can a teenager sit down and sensibly plan out the rest of their life? Tough stuff. And your LOs! Yikes .. you are a TOTAL inspiration to me! (((HUGS)))

  10. Thank you this is lovely... just what I needed!

  11. I recently discovered your blog and must admit that I get excited when I see that you have updated with another post. I love your layouts and creativity - beautiful AND inspiring! Good luck with getting your kiddo ready for college over the next year. It is definitely a process! And thanks for the wonderful wordart.

  12. Beautiful work! Many thanks

  13. Great layouts! Thank you for the wordart.

  14. Thanks so much, Nini, for the wonderful wordart. Love your layouts and hope all goes well with your son and his college plans. It does all go so fast - I feel like we were just worrying about SATs for our son and now he teaches at a college! I think Release is a very good word - I would love to release all my worries!

  15. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to invite you to promote your site on our Digital Scrapbooking Topsite. Hope to see you there!

  16. Thank you very much for sharing!

  17. Love to read your reflections and your wordarts! Thank you!

  18. Hi Nini,

    I've downloaded these and hope that I get time to do something with them as they're great, thanks so much.


  19. Thanks for the wonderful wordarts! Hugs!

  20. OMG Nini! Those LOs are just breath taking!!! Wonderful!!!
    I can't believe your son is going to college soon! I totally agree with you! How can a 16 year old decide what he wants to do the rest of his life? Thank goodness, he has a lovely family to support and guide him! Good luck to all of you!
    Thank you for these beautiful WAs my friend!
    Un beso (y gracias por tu com en mi blog!).

  21. I forgot to tell you, I just posted a page with one of your masks. Thanks again my friend! Have a nice weekend!

  22. Thank you! These are beautiful :)

  23. Thanks Nini, love your layout and your style. Here is a layout that I made using your word art for the mscraps white space challenge. http://ozone.oscraps.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=204521&title=xoxo&cat=500

  24. Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! xxx

  25. I love all your WA's, they are awesome ... and thanks for sharing there with us !

  26. Merci ils sont splendides !!!!!!!!!!

  27. awesome LO inspiration... and thank you so much for sharing your word art with us. gorgeous style!