Fiction or non-fiction?

several friends of mine and myself have been talking in a forum about the books we are currently reading, giving our opinions and recommending which ones to read hence my topic for today.

we all know reading increases you vocabulary, stimulates the mind and help you retain brain skills among other things. that said, i guess there is the belief that reading non-fiction is a better mind habit than reading fiction because you read about our complex world and not only about the imagination of a particular person.

i do not relegate non-fiction, some books can be very engaging, interesting and challenging but to be honest i am lately finding myself more often in the fiction aisles of Barnes & Noble.

what attracts me to them, you ask? well, i'm sure that even if you have the most interesting and amazing life it can get a bit stale sometimes and here is where those novels come in. there is nothing better than to make time in your day, grab a novel, settle down in peace and quiet and let yourself follow the author into a world of his imagination. i just love reading unconventional plots about virtual places and characters who i do not relate or identify with - i marvel at the creativity and find myself emerging from this active getaway satisfied and refresh!

i know i have fallen under the seductive spell of a great novel when i want to leave everything i am doing and go back to the pages that have me glued to every word. What are you reading?

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  1. I could not agree more. DH and I go through phases...we went through our new age phase some years ago. And I do enjoy the biographies, but once again I still find that a similar type escapism that one experinences through fiction. I tend to alternate between Jane Austen adaptations and books on Africa (used to live there) - interspersed with latest interesting reads. Interesting blog entry Nini - thank you!