i guess i love having a routine, except in summer when the travel bug hits me. But now gustavo is back at school and i want to get back to my calendaring & to-do lists. the start of a new school year symbolizes: new beginnings, fresh starts, goals to set and yes, more "me" time for reading, digi-scrapping and girl talk with judith over lunch.

here's a page i made about my son going back to school (10th grade) - i used one of the 2 shots i took while he was walking away... with no chance of him turning around and posing for the camera anymore!

here is the original photo:

talking about new beginnings, last week i took my niece to the university of richmond in virginia and helped her to get all the essentials to make her dorm comfortable - which means we headed to the nearest target and bed bath and beyond with the new college students list as soon as we landed.
i was happy to get to spend time with her and to know that in spite of being a bit scared of heading off to a scary world out there, she is not only excited but most important she has a brain focussed on why she is going there.

here is a photo and a page i made from that day.

last but not least, here are a few of my latest pages.
seems that i can not get away from white backgrounds - and believe me i have tried and on occasion i do use different colors. White just gives me a sense of order, cleanliness, freshness and encourages me to clear clutter form my layouts.
i read somewhere that the color white signifies and enables fresh beginnings - and that was what my post was about today.


  1. OMG! Your work is just pefection!!

    I want to scrap like you when I grow up ;)

  2. Travel bags, for the travel bug ... Your LO are Fabulous nini, as usual!

  3. Btw, nini,
    Please visit my scrap blog... you have been tagged!

  4. We have talked about routines before and it's good to spring clean and have fresh beginnings. Loved to see the original photo to go with the LO! You stay with what feels comfortable in terms of your scrapping Nini....why change a winning formula?