...and a blogger too!

finally have gathered the courage to give this blogging stuff a try to share some of my scrapbook pages, ideas, thoughts and everything else.
about 2 years ago i gave up on traditional scrapbooking realizing that when God handed out the craft gene he bypassed me - so i launched into research mode (Google) and discovered digi-scrapping. Who could have guess that a computer program would help me (finally) unleash my creativity!
i have always had a passion for art, photography and the stories behind the photos so my new discovery was just what i needed.
today i am on 2 creative teams for 2 wonderful designers at O'Scraps which has given me inspiration and motivation to strive to be better and to believe in myself.

My Style:

clean and simple. i am a minimalist at heart but also love to explore and experiment with different designs, techniques and elements. here is a page that defines my style:

credits: mask & elements Vinnie Pearce


  1. Nini!!!!!!!!! So proud of you girl - you GOOOOOOOOOO! Looks great and yes I have mine open to all - no problems in all the time I have been doing it. I have you bookmarked now ;)

  2. LOVE your profile paragraph Nini...we have much in common.

  3. Wowww, great news Nini !!!! Happy to see your layouts and photos here too !!