Tons of new kits, new pages & a freebie!

hi everybody!
for all of you who celebrated halloween, hope you had a great one!
here at home things were kind of quiet but for some sporadic groups of kids trick or treating during the earlier hours of the night. i'm glad that most of the candy i bought is gone though if not i would be tempted to go for those dark chocolate snickers bars!

let me show you some gorgeous halloween layouts made by you with the frightfully delightful free mini-kit from last week:  
(click on images for credits)

some of the new kits at mscraps:

by heathert.

by ruth melody designs

2 new kits by ninascraps:

other layouts from last week:
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 i've always love books, browsing stacks, collecting favorite series & spending lots of hours in bookstores - i simply adore reading.
 there's nothing like having a stack of books in the nigh stand waiting to be read or in my case now in days..... stored safely in my ipad since i'm not reading many on the printed page lately.
anyway.... i hope you, as well as i, also scrap about the pleasure of reading and find this week's freebie useful!

books - buttons & word art:

thanks for stopping by!
have a fabulous week!!


  1. Thanks so much, these look absolutely fabulous.
    Am sure to have fun with them.
    I adore reading...it is such a pity life gets in the way of a good book sometimes.

  2. OMG i love these buttons.
    So creative for WA!!
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this freebie.

  4. Hey Nini,

    Wow, looks like you've had such a busy week, all your LO's look AMAZING! We had a few trick or treaters last night, thankfully they were cute youngster and not teenagers intent on tricking!!! I ♥ your latest freebie ... the buttons are just so darn cute!!! Hope you have a great week ahead.


  5. thank you so much for sharing the freebie---i'm an elementary school librarian and these will come in handy to make bookmarks with--you're amazing!!!!!

  6. i so love stopping by here
    thanking u

  7. THANXS!!! i will be using these soon...we read a lot here:)

  8. Thank you so much for these fab button:)

  9. What more can I say, all of your pages are so gorgeous and fabulous! Thank you so much, Nini for the freebie!!! They are amazing, as always!

  10. Thank you for the freebie! Last week when I took my kids to get flu shots the nurse got a kick out of the fact that all 3 of them brought their books in and were reading them. I'm so glad they love to read!

  11. Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

  12. thanks nini, you're adorable.
    and your pages always so original !

  13. Oh thank you Nini...the DH and I are geeks, and proud of it, so these are just perfect for us!!

  14. gaaaaaaaaah! You know I'm gonna love these! My mind is a race! What to do???? What to do????

  15. totally love these!! we love books too!

  16. Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! xxx

  17. Nini ... girl ... WOOT!! Thank you I have a HOUSE FULL of avid readers!! These little buttons will work PERFECTLY :)

  18. Suddenly - A Freebie: http://wp.me/p28tH-fG

  19. The librarian part of me is drooling - the scrapbooker part of me is hitting the DOWNLOAD BUTTON!!!!!

    Thanks so much! These are awesome!

  20. Wow, love these. I don't have an Ipad but I've got my kindle...Maybe it's time to scrap about it?