First official business...

before the week is over i wanted to show you just a few of the wonderful *new* products at mscraps:

and a few of the layouts i've made:

and oh yes!.... did i mentioned i'm on the mscraps creative team now? *giggle* a dream come true, really!
and how about this? i'm on joyce paul's personal ct also!!
how cool is that?
i'm absolutely thrilled & lucky to be working with such an amazing group of talented designers and fantastic ladies. thanks so much for asking me joyce!!

have an awesome weekend everyone!

(((hugs))) to all!!


  1. Congratulations!
    you really deserve it!

  2. Nini, Congratulations! Well deserved!

  3. You ARE??? When did that happen? I must have totally missed it. YAYYYYYY! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, Nini!!! You really deserve it! So amazing new pages, Nini! Totally love it!

  5. You seem so happy in your posts! Yeah!!! But I will admit, when I read "first official business" -- I was hoping you opened up a shop! :-)

  6. Hey Nini, OK admit it, you and Helen are conspiring to confuse me, aren't you??? Midweek posting from Helen, Friday posting from you ... the world's gone mad I tell you, MAD!!! LOL! Seriously though, many congrats on both CT gigs, you are a true asset to both teams! Hugs, Sue

  7. Congratulations!! You are so talented, I love your style!! Your layout pages are amazing! (Will you open a store one day?) Looking forward to more of your work!!

  8. this is such a great news for you, and so well deserved.
    You are so creative. Congrats and enjoy

  9. hi lia... nichole here....
    i love your blog, and find myself here time and timea gain, seeking peace...
    your writings are always soooo... hmm,, how to explain... they are so calming no matter the subject. i feel the need to brew a cup of tea, and sit to read as i would a wonderful book...

    your pages, make me long to scrap again.. sigh...
    lovely... thank you.

  10. You are rockin' the house at Mscraps girl!

  11. Well congratulations! I love MScraps and Joyce so lucky you too! I will look forward to seeing what all you create!