E-mail me button!

i know some of you have been having trouble downloading the friends word art getting all sorts of messages. i've already reported the problem to 4share and they say will look into it but seems that most people having the problem use internet explorer and they recommend using firefox instead since it has a much better download manager. 
 i have added an "e-mail me" button so you can send me a note with the freebie you want and i will send  the link to you this way.
sorry for all the trouble.

update from 4shared:

"Thank you for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience. Most probably, 
the issue was caused by a temporary connection problem which has been 
already resolved. Please advice other users to reach the file again."


  1. Hi,
    i know also this trouble and i'm witj IE...
    can you send me the link please.
    thanks very much

  2. I downloaded the "Quiet times" word art, but cannot open because it says the file name is too long. Is there a fixed download? Thanks.