Thanksgiving day is gone and Christmas is almost here....again

hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving day, and much to be thankful for, whether you celebrate this holiday or not.
i'm thankful i got to spend time with my sister and her family in orlando, that we had a safe trip with relatively little traffic, that the kids got to spend time together & that i didn't have to do the cooking! lol!!

of course the food is not the primary reason to celebrate thanksgiving but i thought i mention that the turkey was fabulous as always but the day- after- thanksgiving turkey sandwiches are always the best. white bread, a moist mix of white and dark meat, a bit of lettuce ( watercress will be better), slice of tomato and slathered with the special salvadoran style turkey sauce. ahhh!!

some photos from the thanksgiving holiday:

arturo preparing the turkey

judith & me sharing some coffee 

right before dinner

at the cat in the hat store- islands of adventure

max, lourdes, javier & gustavo being silly.. again!

having fun & getting wet!

so, thanksgiving has come and gone and christmas is almost here! the christmas tree is up ( a fake one by the way) and for the very first time i think i decorated it all by myself since hubby was busy on the computer (no, not helping to shop for christmas presents but working... i guess) and my teenager had also more important things to do (homework, he said?!) the tree is not as fancy, as big and/or as fabulous as it used to be a few years ago when i was living in el salvador but i guess coordinated bows, ornaments and a real tree do not make it special - the important thing is that every little ornament was carefully chosen & placed with love - even if it was only me doing it!! i have to say i was very please with it when it was done & they were very happy and though it was pretty fabulous anyway!

i wish i could say that i'm done with my christmas shopping, that the presents are all wrapped up & that i have a plan of attack for the rest of the gift buying but i'm afraid i am still in need of some ideas..... i really wanted to go to the mall today but the prospect of walking around with no particular ideas of what to buy did not appeal to me at all. i should go tomorrow though  because the idea of encountering the frenzied consuming masses during the weekend is already filling me with dread just to think about it!

and wait!!! before i finish here i want to mention that sue has some awesome christmas products. a new holiday daily digital download kit and lots of freebies for all her newsletter subscribers. details at her blog or at her store at o'scraps.

click on the image to go to her blog for details

some of my latest layouts - click on images for full list of credits.

snowy day moment

days to remember

winter days

constantly reinvent yourself

hope everyone is having a great start of the holiday season... for me.....christmas vacation can not get here fast enough!


  1. so so happy to read and see so much of your life! OH MY ... my kids would LOVE that Cat in the Hat store ... what fun!

    I know I wish I could decorate my tree myself and for the first year I have not "re-decorated" it after they went to bed. I have to let them go.

    TFS Nini ... wonderful blog entry!